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The Foundation and Why You Need It

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Jul 26, 2022

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We chose wedding photography for many reasons.

First of all, we love weddings and the joy they hold. It’s a really special time in people’s lives that deserves an experience like no other. We’re also passionate about marriage. Capturing little snippets of time on a day that flies by so quickly helps keeps those moments alive for the rest of their lives. When you see a picture, you remember how you felt in that moment!

And most definitely not last or least, we embrace the opportunity to encourage couples to build a strong foundation for their marriage.

But Then…

After welcoming Josiah into our lives, we’re even more convinced of the importance of building a strong foundation as a newly married couple.

Babies are a beautiful, wonderful, unique blessing! But they’re also an incredible amount of work. Your lives will completely change in so many ways.

One of the things that changed? Our little buddy demands so much of our time, attention, energy, and planning. Where we used to be so entirely focused on each other, we now have to be so intentional about giving each other the attention we need ourselves.

How can you start building that foundation for yourselves?

I think the answer is a little different for everybody. The important thing is to be intentional. Find what works for you!

Why It Matters

Because we spent time learning each others’ needs, we know what important aspects can’t be neglected. Because we learned how to communicate and work through issues early on, we can apply that to difficult baby situations.

If we hadn’t built a strong foundation for our marriage during the years of just the two of us, it would be really hard in this season of life. Our marriage isn’t perfect, of course. We still have so much to learn and often fall short when we should know better. Even with the best intentions, we still fail each other.

That’s where the beauty of forgiveness, grace, encouragement, and love come in. Marriage is hard, and it’s work. But in the end, marriage is worth fighting for!



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