Planning a wedding in Huntsville has never been more fun! With its selection of beautiful venues, talented wedding vendors, and epic photographers to capture it all - there's a lot to dive into.

We created this comprehensive Huntsville wedding planning guide to give brides an amazing resource that's geared specifically toward planning a Huntsville wedding. From vendor recommendations and wedding planning tips to an engagement style guide and showcasing your favorite pictures after the wedding day, this guide has it all. Get ready to dive into planning your perfect Huntsville wedding!

Welcome to the most comprehensive wedding guide designed especially for Huntsville brides!

Happy wedding planning!

~Info on Huntsville Wedding Venues
~Vendors we love and know you will, too
~Our Top 10 most popular planning tips
~Engagement Session Location & Style 
~How to bring your pictures to life

Here's a peek at What YOu will find

We're a husband-wife wedding photography team based in Huntsville, Alabama. After photographing almost 200 weddings over the past 12+ years, we've seen a lot. Creating a fun, stress-free, and epic experience for our couples includes sharing resources to make the planning process easier. We created this guide to share a little bit of that with you!

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Best Huntsville Wedding Venues

Want the #1 resource for Huntsville Wedding Venues?
We've created a Best Wedding Venues in Huntsville page to help brides research the amazing venue options Huntsville has to offer. You can find it for yourself at the link below!

Recommendations for Small Weddings (under 100)

  • The Weeden House
  • Stovehouse Event Center
  • Infinity Event Venue
  • The Brick Church in Mooresville

Recommendations for Unique Venue Options

Check out our Huntsville Wedding Venues page link below to get a helpful overview of venues! 

  • Huntsville Museum of Art
  • The Weeden House
  • Huntsville Botanical Garden's Carriage House
  • Wedding Chapel on the Mountain

Recommendations for Large Weddings (250+)

  • Huntsville Botanical Garden's Ball Room
  • The Ledges Clubhouse
  • The Westin at Bridgestreet
  • Riverside Event Venue

~Huntsville Botanical Garden
~The Ledges of Huntsville
~Burritt on the Mountain
~Harvest Hollow
~Riverside Event Venue
~The White Barn at Padgett Place
~The Glass House
~Meadow Creek Farm
~Hampton Cove Wedding Venue
~The Westin Huntsville
~Creekside at Collier's End
~The Roundhouse
~Huntsville Museum of Art
~Infinity Event Venue
~Burn's Bluff
~Monte Sano Lodge
~White Azalea Estate
~Whistle Hollow

Huntsville Area Venues Not To Be Missed

The venue should be one of your first stops in the wedding planning process. Brides are so surprised to find out how far in advance Huntsville venues book up their dates! Especially if you have your heart set on a certain style of venue, check availability before finalizing your wedding date.

Every wedding venue offers a different flavor and range of amenities. Our Best Wedding Venues in Huntsville resource page has been hugely popular for brides just starting their venue search. We'll share a quick summary of the highlights here, but definitely take some time to browse our venue guide to dive deeper into the amazing venue options Huntsville has to offer.

Where the magic begins!

Huntsville Wedding Venues

Helpful Tip: Deciding how to divide up your budget can feel overwhelming. One helpful piece of advice: choose the 3-4 vendor categories that are most important to you. Splurge on vendors in those categories you absolutely love! If necessary, re-balance your budget by cutting back on categories you care less about.

If you're watching your budget closely, consider things that have a long term impact (photos, video, feeling beautiful) compared to aspects that only last a moment (looking at you, wedding favors). 

  • Sabghi Jewelers
  • Gary K Jewelers


  • Coats Classic Cars
  • Ace Limo
  • 777 Party Bus


  • Metropolitan DJ
  • Perfect 10 Band
  • Emerald Empire Band
  • Your Perfect Party DJ


  • Piper & Leaf
  • Turbo Coffee
  • Vine Coffee Co

Specialty Drinks

  • Moon Bake Shoppe
  • L'etoile Patisserie
  • Big Spoon Creamery

Specialty Desserts

  • A Wilson Cakes
  • Batter Up Cakes
  • Nothing Bundt Cakes

Cake Artist

  • Mason Dixon
  • Talk of the South
  • Chuppertime
  • Hartley's Catering


  • Graze Charcuterie Co
  • The Occasional Chef


  • Winslow Davis, Violin
  • Strings of Pearl

Ceremony Musicians

  • Shindigs & Such
  • Kris Clark Designs
  • Mullins Special Occasions
  • All Needz


  • Ledgewood Fine Stationery
  • Salt + Paperie

Invitations/Custom Printing

  • Petals by Ali
  • Old Frond
  • Bella Petali
  • In Bloom


  • Modern Brides
  • The Black Tux

Groom's Attire

  • Birch on Main
  • Kathleen's Bridal
  • The Something Blue Shoppe

Wedding Dress

  • Colleen Gagnon
  • MLAArtistry 
  • The Transformation 
  • Wheelhouse Salon

Hair and Makeup

  • Colling Films
  • Awaken Films
  • Thrive Media


  • Joel & Amber Photography
  • Melissa Jill Photography
  • Twenty Oaks Photography
  • April Stanley Photography


  • Chelsea Kennedy Events
  • Helping Hand Parties & Weddings
  • Brianna Pyle Weddings
  • Courtney Burton Events

Wedding Planners

The vendors you choose make an impact on how your wedding vision comes to life! With so many to choose from, where do you even start? Here are some top vendor recommendations in the Huntsville wedding industry to give you a head start on finding the best. Everyone here has experience, lots of talent, and truly care about their clients. While there are many more incredible wedding vendors here in Huntsville, you definitely won't go wrong with anyone on this team!

A Team of Gold

Wedding Vendors not to miss

These 10 tips all have links to the full blog post for even more detail. Besides getting the whole scoop on these topics, we have dozens of other wedding planning tips that cover the process from the first days of being engaged all the way through printing pictures after the wedding day. Just find the Tidbit section of the blog for a treasure trove of helpful wedding planning tips!

Psst. Want to dive even deeper?

Once you have the "big" stuff checked off your list, it's time to start the nitty gritty details of bringing your vision to life. Your vendors will be an invaluable resource - don't be afraid to reach out and ask!

In the past 11+ years as wedding photographers, there's a lot of planning tips and insight we could share. We narrowed it down to our top 10 most popular and impactful wedding planning tidbits to get you started.

Wedding Planning Tips

Planning Tips

spread the joy

Bonus: 11 Things to do with food, flower,& decor leftovers

After the last guest has left, your crew will look around at the pile of leftover food, floral arrangements, and decor waiting to be packed up. What do you even do with all of it? We've got 11 great ideas for dealing with all those leftovers!

Creative Exit Ideas

This blog post gets thousands of hits a month, and it's no surprise why! With more venues banning sparklers than ever, brides are looking for fun and classy alternatives. We've got 10 interesting non-sparkler wedding send-off ideas for you to explore!

10. Sparkler Exit Alternatives

Who? How Much?

This is another blog post that gets thousands of visitors. With so many different categories of vendors, who expects a tip and who doesn't? This popular Tidbit breaks down if, how much, and when you're expected to tip. We're also sharing some non-monetary tips for showing appreciation!

9. Tipping Etiquette For YOur Wedding

showers bring the flowers

Worried about rainy wedding day pictures? A rainstorm is definitely a possibility here in the south. What's a bride to do? This Tidbit will give you an inside scoop on how you can still have amazing wedding day portraits (and often in natural light!) on a rainy wedding day.

8. Rainy Wedding Day Pictures

The Great Guest Dilemma

Almost any wedding professional will tell you that one of the biggest influences in your budget is the number of of guests you have on your list. While it's hard to feel like you're leaving someone out, it's worth taking a look at  who you really can't imagine your day without. We've explained guest categories and walk you through making some important decisions!

7. The #1 factor that impacts your budget

take on the world

This is a fun one! Some engaged couples aren't really looking for more stuff to fill their home, yet people want something to give. If you're more into experiences than upgrading household appliances, don't miss this insight into adding a honeymoon fund to your registry!

6. Honeymoon Registry FAQs

make it fun

One thing people don't always love about weddings is the chaos of family formals, especially when there are big groups involved. We're here to help! Family formals can be fast and actually enjoyable with these 3 tips. We get complimented over family formals all the time, so these are tried and true!

5. Quick and Easy 
Family Formals

his little girl

Have you heard of the Father/Daughter First look? It adds just a few extra minutes to your wedding day timeline, and the memories are absolutely worth it! If you have a special bond with your dad, stepdad, brothers, or grandpa, you won't want to miss adding this to your wedding agenda!

4. Father/Daughter First Look

choose your look

The First Look. It's definitely a big decision for your wedding day. This single choice will affect the flow of your entire day, as well as how you feel and experience the wedding day. It's that big of a deal! There's no wrong answer, but educate yourself on the pros and cons of each before making a final decision. We're huge fans ourselves for so many reasons, but decide for yourself with this insight into the details.

3. The First Look: Is It Right For You?

Find your flow

Timelines are one of the first questions we get from our brides. It's the framework of your entire day, and there are so many logistics to consider! This Tidbit will have an example timeline that we use as our starting point, as well as tips on avoiding some of the most common timeline challenges.

2. Exploring the Wedding Day Timeline

What Not to do

This is one of my favorite wedding planning Tidbits ever! After over a decade of being in the wedding industry, there are a few things I see repeatedly that brides find themselves regretting. Don't make these 14 common wedding planning mistakes!

1. Planning Mistakes and How To Avoid Them

Engagement Session Location guide

We created a super popular Engagement Session Location Guide to give you all the info and inspiration you need to find the perfect vibe!

1. Downtown Huntsville
Endless variety of backdrops within walking distance, great options in any season, some of the best spring blooms and fall colors.

2. Huntsville Botanical Garden
Beautiful anytime of year, lush natural and classy white architecture options. Note: reservations and session fee required.

3. The Village of Providence
Woodsy backdrop options on the Greenway side and iconic, Charleston-like neighborhood vibes across the street. Great backdrops for any season.

Top 3 Location Recommendations

The first question we always get when a couple scheduled their engagement session is about the location! Some couples have a favorite spot or two in mind, but most have no idea what to choose.

We encourage our couples to think of a location that has some meaning to their relationship. Maybe it’s the place he proposed, somewhere you love to go together (like a favorite hiking spot), a coffee shop where you had your first date, or somewhere that fits a style you love (gardens, southern plantations, etc). You can also opt for more classic places, like downtown Huntsville or Hays Nature Preserve.

Engagement Session Locations

Your engagement session is a special part of the wedding photography experience! We're huge fans for several reasons. It's an amazing opportunity for you and your wedding photographer to get to know each other! You'll experience how he/she poses and shoots. You'll get comfortable in front of the camera together! Your photographer will get a feel for your personalities, what you're most comfortable with, and which poses look fantastic for you as a unique couple.

When the wedding day comes, you'll know exactly what to expect and won't have any of the camera stress because you've done it before! Besides all that, this short time of being engaged is definitely worth documenting. The images are timeless and will be cherished!

Here we'll be diving into the most important things to know when it comes to your Huntsville engagement session!

What You need to know

Engagement Session 101

Engagement Session Location guide

Bonus tip: Hair and makeup is worth the investment when it comes to your engagement pictures!
Here's why:

1. You won't have to stress about getting it perfect yourself. The professional will take care of you!

2. You can make an appointment earlier in the day so you're not rushing last minute to finish up.

3. You'll feel more confident, and it will show on the camera! Your confidence will sparkle.

Before one of my own family photo sessions, I often choose one or the other to book so I'm not spending my entire day at a salon. Sometimes I'll book a makeup appointment and keep a simple hairstyle, and other times I'll do my own makeup and schedule my hair appointment. Do what works for you!

There's nothing more flattering for a guy than a well-tailored suit! It's a striking engagement session look that's well worth the investment. While custom suits can be really expensive, some well-known brands have off-the-rack suits in their stores that can be comfortably affordable. The biggest tip is to invest in getting the suit tailored to fit well. How well it fits makes a huge difference!! Tailoring a suit is an investment he can take advantage of every time he wears it.
Solid shades of gray or navy are a strong complement to most women’s outfits.

5. Tailored to perfection

Everyone has something they're self-conscious about, so choose an outfit that either tones it down or highlights something you do feel confident about. Longer sleeves slim down arms and high heels elongate and slim down legs. Certain cuts are very flattering when it comes to minimizing the stomach area or underarms. You'll probably be photographed from the front, back, and side at some point during your engagement session, so do a full twirl when choosing your outfit.

4. flatter your features

Coordinate, don't match! You should each aim to wear a different dominant color, but stay within a similar color palette family.
So if you’re wearing a mint green dress, soft blush earrings and nude heels (mint green being your dominant color), then he could wear a navy or gray suit with a white shirt. He can pair it with brown leather shoes and a light-colored tie that looks good with mint green. Now he has his own dominant color (navy) while still coordinating with your color palette. Pinterest is your friend - there are lots of ideas on color palettes that look together.

3. No Matching

The colors you choose make a different in how the overall look of your final images. The colors you chose will help create the overall feel of your session. Soft, creamy colors (such as blush, ivory, and light blues) will bring a soft, airy look to your session. Bold colors create vibrancy and really let you stand out from the background. Patterns bring a pop of fun. Dark hues tone everything down and give an earthy feel. Check out some examples of your photographer's work to see how outfit colors show up with their editing style.

2. Strategic color

Our top style tip ever is to choose something you feel amazing in. That's more important than any color, pattern, or cut. If you feel amazing in it, your confidence will shine on camera. Don't compromise with an outfit you're hesitant with because it fits the "rule". You'll remember that discomfort every time you look at your pictures. So #1 rule is to find something you feel smashingly amazing in.

1. Feeling Trumps

The first question we always get when a couple scheduled their engagement session is about the location! Some couples have a favorite spot or two in mind, but most have no idea what to choose.

We encourage our couples to think of a location that has some meaning to their relationship. Maybe it’s the place he proposed, somewhere you love to go together (like a favorite hiking spot), a coffee shop where you had your first date, or somewhere that fits a style you love (gardens, southern plantations, etc). You can also opt for more classic places, like downtown Huntsville or Hays Nature Preserve.

The next big question is what to wear to your engagement session! Not only do you need to find inspiration and make decisions, but it also involves shopping and making sure both outfits looks good together. Even as photographers, choosing outfits for our own photo sessions can still be intimidating! With a little bit of helpful guidance on what to look for, you'll find that outfits are much less complicated than you may think. Keep reading to find our top styling tips for planning your engagement session outfits!

What To Wear To Your Session

Huntsville Engagement Session Locations

Engagement Session Style Inspiration

Find Some Inspiration!

make it last

Have you heard of an engagement guest book? Not only will your favorite engagement pictures have a beautiful an tangible home, but the well wishes of your favorite people will be in a place you can cherish over and over. Check out this blog post to get the scoop on why brides love it and how it's going to become one of your heirloom treasures.

a guestbook you'll love

Dream Spot

Do you love to travel or have a special dream location? Your engagement session is an amazing opportunity to incorporate a super cool location into your story. We've got a ton of tips to help make your destination engagement session a seamless experience. Find them all over on this blog post!

Destination Engagement Sessions

One of the fam

~Plan to include your dog for the first or last 15 minutes of your session. 
~Have a friend take your dog for a walk the rest of the time so you can focus on portraits of the two of you!
~Bring a favorite toy or a few treats to use to catch your dog's attention.

Bringing your dog to the engagement session


Bonus Engagement Session Tips

Find Our Huntsville Family Portrait Session Guide Here!

Wedding day pictures are super important because you only have one chance at capturing the wedding day. But after that - where does professional photography fit in? You also have one chance at capturing this life! Even if you don't schedule a professional photo session every year, it's definitely worth investing in family portrait sessions as your family grows. When you have kids, you realize how quickly they grow up and how fleeting those little years are! As parents ourselves, we promise you'll never regret capturing your life as it unfolds. You'll find yourself cherishing pictures of squishy little cheeks and goofy smiles more and more as the years pass by.

When you get to that point, we have an entire resource on family portrait sessions in Huntsville.  You'll find all kinds of helpful info, such as location and style guides geared toward families, plus all the FAQs! Whether it's a first anniversary session with just the two of you or a family session with your kids, we'd love to create that magic for you.

Anniversary and Family Portrait Sessions

  • Love and Respect: The Love She Most Desires; the Respect He Desperately Needs by Dr Emerson Eggerichs
  • The Five Love Languages: The Secret To Love That Lasts by Gary Chapman
  • The Bible
  • Marriage: 6 Gospel Commitments Every Couple Needs to Make by Paul Tripp

Recommended Marriage Books

As much as we love the wedding day with all its beautiful details and portraits, we know the real celebration is your love and your relationship! Taking the time to invest in your marriage and in making yourself the best version you can be will pay dividends down the road. 

Invest in your marriage to make it stronger!

Don't miss this special blog post about preserving the legacy of pictures!

That's why you need to print them!

In our 12+ years of photography, we've captured the wedding day moments of nearly 200 couples and photographed almost as many engagement sessions. We've snapped pictures at dozens of family sessions and a handful of senior and maternity. In other words, we've seen a lot of pictures pass through our memory cards and online galleries.

What strikes me more as the years pass by is the importance of doing something with your pictures. How many precious memories in the form of pictures collect dust on our hard drives? You love the portraits - but how often do you click through your files and enjoy them?

There's a solid chance our kids and grandkids will never see them. Generations to come will be scrambling to find pictures from these years because they'll die on broken phones, outdated hard drives, and forgotten cloud storage. Technology becomes obsolete over time (does your computer still have a CD-rom drive?), and with it goes our access to stored images.

What To Do with Your PIctures

Forever and Beyond

Make a statement! Your favorite Christmas-card worthy picture is transformed into a huge piece of art. Smaller canvases are totally fine, but these 30x40 (or bigger!) pieces are note-worthy and are absolutely worth it. Stunning and memorable.

Impact Canvas

Another favorite! This is perfect for those looking to decorate a long, empty wall (like a living room or hallway). Making a collection of 2-5 of your favorite images lets you enjoy them all in a beautiful way! This is great for both canvas and framed print options - you can't go wrong!

Canvas or framed print collection

A personal favorite!! Canvas and print collections are perfect for your top favorite pictures, but an album preserves all the pictures in a tangible way.  You can flip through and look your pictures whenever you want. Huge fan because there's no downside at all! 


Printing your engagement, wedding, and family portraits are not to be missed!
Here are some favorite ideas to bring your pictures to life.

Planning a wedding is a big job, but there's so much joy and excitement along the way! Enjoy the process - don't let the little moments of stress make you forget the reason behind it all. Your wedding day is a beautiful celebration of your love and your relationship!

We hope this Huntsville Wedding Guide helped bring some clarity to the main details of planning a wedding. We have a treasure trove of resources to share with brides, so feel free to get in touch! Happy wedding planning!!

~Joel & Amber

Enjoy the process!

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