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Kristen & Joe // Private Garden Conservatory Wedding


Oct 12, 2021

Private wedding at Huntsville Botanical Garden’s Conservatory // Wedding Photographers in Huntsville, Alabama

This was a fun one!! Kristen and Joe picked a beautiful fall Thursday to celebrate their marriage at Huntsville Botanical Garden. After days of dreary rain, the sun broke through and shone brilliantly for our bride and groom. What a gift! The botanical garden always creates a gorgeous backdrop any time of year. Early October is full of natural charm!

We met up with Kristen and Joe early in the afternoon, just before their First Look. And oh, what a sweet moment that was! These two absolutely adore each other! I was seriously grinning from ear to ear as I snapped away to capture those expressions. After that, we headed out into the Garden for some formal portraits with both them and the bridal party.

Kristen and Joe chose a formal and classy black and white color scheme for their intimate wedding. It contrasted beautifully with the vibrant greens of the Garden! Their guests also wore black and white (on purpose!), and it was a really fun touch! The group photo looked so posh. Family pictures and a few romantic bride and groom portraits later, Kristen and Joe enjoyed the Garden’s beauty before heading off to their restaurant reception.

Heartfelt Wedding Vibes

Since the pandemic happened, we’ve had the opportunity to photograph several of these small, intimate wedding ceremonies. I love them! There’s something to be said for the grand party, but family ceremonies have such a special vibe that you don’t get with a formal wedding day. Weddings aren’t a one-size-fits-all, for sure. I love seeing couples feel comfortable choosing the affair that’s exactly right for them! This wedding couldn’t have been any more perfect for these two.

Kristen and Joe are such an amazing couple! We enjoyed our time with them so much! You can tell how highly their friends and family think of them, and we can totally see why. They made our time together such a joy!

Enjoy a little peek into Kristen and Joe’s intimate Conservatory Wedding at Huntsville Botanical Garden!

Kristen & Joe – what a sweet honor to be by your sides! Your celebration was a perfect mix of relaxed informality, thoughtful details, and some very joyful moments! It was truly special, and we’re thankful to have the opportunity to capture it. Wishing you guys the very best!


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  1. Rebekah Wachob says:

    Absolutely wonderful!!

  2. Will says:

    The wedding was excellent, and the photos are terrific!

  3. Savanna says:

    Absolutely gorgeous!!! Love you guys and these photos!!

  4. Kelsey Whitworth says:

    The wedding was beautiful! Love you both so much!

  5. Dallas Guffey says:

    Gorgeous day captured in a gorgeous way.

  6. Savannah Battles says:

    The pictures are gorgeous! They capture the day so perfectly!!

  7. Kellee Beaufait says:

    You got absolutely stunning photos of such a special, sweet wedding! We will definitely recommend you guys – you were so easy to work with, and the results are phenomenal.

  8. Lindsey Shumate says:

    Congratulations Kristen and Joe! What a beautiful wedding. We wish you a lifetime full of love and happiness! (I’m sure you already know this… but you had the sweetest and most talented photographers!)

  9. Monica says:

    Absolutely gorgeous photos of a special day and time in this couples journey. Congratulations you two!

  10. Adrienne McGriff says:

    Great pics of a sweet couple!

  11. Lloyd Shumate says:

    Great pics!

  12. Michelle says:

    Congratulations Kristen and Joe! Gorgeous bride and handsome groom and background is stunning to celebrate this special day.

  13. Julie Turner says:

    Congratulations!! Your dress is stunning and I love your earrings and your bouquet but your most stunning accessory is that Smile! Your pictures are phenomenal and your photographer took pictures I’ve never seen before. Absolutely breath taking! Handsome Groom too…..

  14. Ryan Laskey says:

    Congratulations Joe and Kristen!

  15. Matthew Wachob says:

    What a wonderful day! The pictures came out amazing!!

  16. Hannah Hallmark says:

    So beautiful!!!

  17. Brandy says:

    What a beautiful wedding! I’m so happy for you both!

  18. Bruce Beaufait says:

    You look great. It is clear you were having a great time. Beautiful venue, perfect weather, and amazing people.

  19. Cain says:

    -Jim Carrey (Bruce Almighty)

  20. Britt Cawthon says:

    Amazing pictures!! Captured the most beautiful wedding perfectly

  21. Sydney says:

    SUCH a beautiful wedding and these photos capture it beautifully

  22. Vickie Roach says:

    What a wonderful day! Everything looks gorgeous and the photos are amazing!

  23. Kenneth Wachob says:

    Beautiful day for the wedding!! It was a fantastic day for Joe and Kristen. The wedding photographs are absolutely amazing.

  24. Susan Wachob says:

    Perfect perfect perfect! Loved the wedding! Great photos

  25. Joe Wachob says:

    The pictures turned out so wonderful. Thank y’all so much for everything you did for our wedding!

  26. Brian Dillon says:

    Great photos! You both look so happy!

  27. Hannah Thompson says:

    Beautiful photos for a beautiful wedding and two beautiful people. Congratulations, wishing you two the best!

  28. Kristen Beaufait says:

    Thank you guys both so much for capturing our wedding day so perfectly. We will cherish these photos and memories forever.

  29. Devan Whitworth says:

    Congrats! Love you guys!

  30. Katie Carpenter says:

    Congratulations to Kristen and Joe! We had a wonderful time and the wedding was beautiful! Come visit in Seattle soon!

  31. Chris Carpenter says:

    Beautiful wedding. Congrats!

  32. Tali Carpenter says:

    Sorry I couldn’t make it to the wedding. You look perfect!

  33. Elijah Nash says:

    Amazing photos!

  34. Joyce Shumate says:

    Beautiful pictures of my granddaughter! Two of the sweetest, kindest people ever. Love you both.

  35. Kane Burton says:

    Congrats Kristen and Joe, y’all’s wedding photos look phenomenal!

  36. Lauren Porch says:

    You both look fantastic! I’m so excited for you two! Congrats!! Getting to see the love you two share every day was an honor and I miss you both!

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