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Katherine & Matt // Botanical Garden Walk-In Wedding


Jun 25, 2020

Huntsville Botanical Garden Walk-In Wedding // Wedding Photographers in Huntsville, Alabama

This was actually our first walk-in wedding at Huntsville Botanical Garden, and it was such a fun experience! We coordinated with Katherine and Matt ahead of time to set up their First Look as soon as they arrived at the Garden. The moment was perfect!

Once Matt saw his bride, we headed out into the garden with the two of them. It was a hot June afternoon, but they were both troopers! We had a chance to spend more portrait time toward the back of the garden, which was so fun!

After a few portraits and some special pictures with Katherine and Matt’s daughters, we met up with their family and friends to head out to the spot Katherine and Matt chose for their ceremony location. That was one of my favorite parts of the walk-in wedding! We love all the ceremonies at the Celebration Garden and the Meadow at Lonnie Lake, but we had so much fun helping to handpick a unique spot for their ceremony.

They had an amazing group of family and friends present for their ceremony. We had the best time with them! As Katherine, Matt, and their guests headed off to a private restaurant reception, we meandered our way out of the Garden with smiles on our faces. Weddings are the best! There’s no one size fits all, and we love that.

Here’s a little peek into Katherine & Matt’s intimate Huntsville Botanical Garden walk-in wedding!

Katherine & Matt – thank you for letting us be there to photograph these amazing memories! It was a perfect little wedding celebration and we loved every minute. You guys were amazing!


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