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A Mocha For Your Tuesday

Aug 28, 2018

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More than 2 years of Mochas

It’s crazy to think back to 2 1/2 years ago when I sat down to write my first A Mocha For Your Tuesday (now affectionately nicknamed Marriage Mocha). It started as a happy inspirational category, more personal than specific. But God had other plans for my little Mochas.

{To read the fully story about how our Mochas came to be, you can find that here.}

Along the way, these Mochas have impacted me more than I could have ever imagined.

One of the ways these Mochas have really impacted our marriage is by making me increasingly aware of the daily things in our relationship. Because I create tons of content each month, I’m always on the lookout for inspiration. Business inspiration for our Happy Monday crew. Marriage advice for our Mochas. Wedding planning tips for our Tidbits and exclusive Resource Library.

As I pay attention to the things that impact life, business, and relationships, I am so much more aware of the little things in a marriage.

It’s been an incredible exercise for me. I will often be in the middle of a conversation, a tense relationship moment, a book, or my morning devotions when notice something that’s driving a situation. Something I probably wouldn’t have ever noticed if my mind wasn’t trained to hunt down content material.

My mind rolls the thought around. It often even evolves as I sit at my keyboard and write my Mocha.

If my mind wasn’t prepped to try to pick up little principles of relationships (or business inspiration or wedding tips), I wouldn’t notice half of the lessons I’ve learned during this time.

In marriage, we should train our minds to see deeper than the surface.

In the tense moments, can you see through the situation to the heart of what’s going on? It might be a blurry picture, but there’s almost always something deeper to look for. Frustration might be covering up hurt. Anger might be a facade for feeling completely disconnected in a relationship.

Can you start to prep your mind to notice little lessons you can teach yourself? With every interaction, good or bad, I think we can learn. We can learn how to avoid a bad situation in the future by paying attention to what brought it on and how it exploded so quickly. A sweet connection can be repeated.

Even if writing blogs about relationships isn’t for you (I never in a hundred years thought it would be for me), you can still keep a journal with patterns or lessons you’ve noticed along the way. Is journaling not for you (I get it, I’m not really a journal person, either)? At least train your mind to see past the outside and figure out what you can learn.

Here’s to building stronger marriages that impact the world!



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