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Mar 27, 2018

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Grandparents hold a very special place in our hearts. They are keepers of wisdom. Decades have passed through their lives and time has left its mark. The mark of experience, the mark of cumulating so many stories.

And on this wedding day, we met a grandma that won our hearts completely. As I stood holding her hand in both of mine, I asked her to tell me a story.

Tell me what it means to be married for 65 years. Tell me the wisdom you hold inside.

This sweet grandma softly smiled and said, “One day at a time. People ask us how we made it to 65 years. It didn’t happen all at once. You take one day at a time and make it work.”

Make it work one day at a time.

Since that wedding, I’ve often pondered her words. How can I make this one day count?

How can I make sure that today – this one day that I’m living right now – becomes a piece of 65 years?

It’s a whirlwind…

Life happens at a whirlwind speed. Sometimes we take our marriage for granted and forget to be intentional about the things we say and do. There’s always tomorrow, right?

I truly believe that building a strong marriage has a lot to do with the little things. The insignificant, every day routine things that ultimately create the life you live, the marriage you build.

65 Years

How can you make this one day count? What conflicts can you begin to resolve? If you could lay the foundation of 65 years, what would it look like? What steps can you take to make sure that you have the chance to have a tomorrow?

If you also believe that marriage is worth fighting for, let’s make this one day count!



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