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Jenny & Jeremy // Traditional Mauve and Silver Wedding


Jun 23, 2020

Second Reformed Presbyterian Church in Indianapolis, Indiana // Traditional Church Wedding // Wedding Photographers in Indianapolis and Huntsville

Bride and groom wedding portrait at Second Reformed Presbyterian Church in Indianapolis, IN

When Jenny and her family asked us if we’d be willing to travel up to Indianapolis to photograph her wedding, it was a pretty easy, “Yes!” We had the opportunity to meet them when they were in Huntsville visiting Jenny’s sister. The genuine kindness and gentle joy of this whole family make them such a treasure to spend time with. We enjoyed every minute we had with them!

Fast forward to June, and the two of us headed up to Indianapolis to join in the celebration! We were doubly excited about this trip. First, it’s always so fun to photograph a wedding in a new place. Second, we just love this family!!

And bonus: we had a chance to stop for a few coffee adventures along the way! It’s been awhile since we’ve traveled, so it was such a treat to be back experiencing the craft coffee world.

Still A Dream Come True

As with most of our spring weddings, changes had to be made in response to COVID19. Jenny and Jeremy chose to have an intimate ceremony with just a few close family and friends present. It wasn’t what they had originally planned for their wedding day, but every moment was still so special because it was theirs.

After the ceremony and a small celebration with some scrumptious wedding cake (it was delicious!), several of Jeremy and Jenny’s friends came for an outdoor send off! They tossed rose petals, cheered, and showered them with lots of love.

Some of My Favorite Wedding Day Details

The ceremony and reception were held at Jenny’s home church, which happens to be a historic mansion! They remodeled several areas to be functional for church use and added on a sanctuary, but there are several aspects that are original to the mansion!

As Jenny and I were heading downstairs for the ceremony, she told me that the grand staircase was originally built specifically for the daughter of the house to descend on her wedding day! We had taken a few bridal portraits on the staircase earlier in the day, and they’re even more meaningful now!

We think a lot about legacy and how marriage truly impacts our culture and our nation. Living in this moment when a bride, so many years later, stepped down the same staircase on her way to her wedding ceremony. What a beautiful moment of making history come alive!

Precious Family Moments

Even though so many family and friends were not able to be there in person (we’re thankful for live streaming!), the intimate moments added their own special sweetness to the day.

We loved watching Jeremy’s mom and dad help him straighten his jacket and tie as he got ready that morning. Jenny’s mom was able to be by her side all day long! Lots of heartfelt conversations happened. Precious memories were made.

Here are a few peeks into Jenny and Jeremy’s intimate Second Reformed Presbyterian Church of Indianapolis wedding!

Jenny & Jeremy – thank you so very much for letting us have the honor of spending this day with you! It’s really special when we get to capture a marriage ceremony for a dear brother and sister in Christ. We wish you many years of joy in marriage!


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A shoutout to these amazing vendors!

Venue: Second Reformed Presbyterian Church
Photography: Joel and Amber Photography
Wedding Coordinator: Alissa Filson
Dress Shop: Gretchen’s Bridal Gallery
Florals: Heather LeFebvre
Officiant: Nathan Lee
Cake Artist: Simply Perfections

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