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Best of 2021: Wedding Portraits


Jan 13, 2022

Best 2021 Wedding Portraits Huntsville Weddings // Wedding Photographers in Huntsville, Alabama

Wedding Portrait at The Glass House Venue

I can’t believe I’m sitting down to create our annual Best Of blog post series. How did this season fly by so quickly? And what a wedding season it was! We love Huntsville weddings and the Huntsville wedding industry we’re blessed to be part of. From the amazing Huntsville Wedding Venues to teams of wedding vendors who bring their A-game every time, Huntsville has something special!

Thinking back over the past few months, I’m just overwhelmed by the amazing experience it is to share in the most precious memories of these couples. And not only do we get to witness them, we get to photograph them! Pictures feel important at the time, but it’s five, twenty, one hundred years later that we realize how priceless and precious they are. Pictures are something you relish for generations. After losing two of my grandparents this past year, every relationship celebrated through the snap of a shutter becomes so important to me.

One of my favorite parts of creating the Best Of series is going through all our weddings from the past few months. Besides the epic kind of portraits, there are heart-squeezing in-between moments, clever ideas, and hilarious jokes. Every wedding day and every couple is so unique! I’m just over here laughing and “awww-ing” over all these memories.

We Can’t Do It Alone

I just have to give a huge shout out to all of our couples who put so much faith and trust in us to capture their priceless moments in a genuine way. Whether it’s laughing at an inanimate object (usually a tree branch) or doing the “bridal twist”, they allow themselves to relax and trust us to make them look amazing and real. All that laughter is totally for real because none of us can joke about laughing at a branch without cracking a smile. Including us! Their families and friends welcome us with open arms. We truly have the best of the best people to work with.

We also can’t do this without the other amazing vendors on a wedding team! Everyone plays a role, and our pictures sparkle because of the love they put into their own crafts. All the way from hair, makeup, and florals to the DJ rocking the dance floor ( = epic reception pictures), their work is a gift. And shout out to the wedding planners out there!

The Best Couples, The Best Wedding Portraits

I saw it every year because every year it’s so true. We have the BEST couples! How on earth do we get so blessed with this? We joke about becoming super attached to our couples because it’s true. They become so much more than a “client” to us.

And they take the best portraits! I’m going to stop talking and get to the part you’re waiting here. I present to you…

Best of 2021: Wedding Portraits


Can’t get enough? Here’s a throwback to Best of 2020 Wedding Portraits and our Favorite In-Between Moments of 2020! The world may have been crazy, but the nuptials were sweet.

Wedding Planning Checklist

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