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Best of 2021: Moments In-Between


Jan 20, 2022

Sweetest Emotions Caught On Camera: The In-Between Moments of 2021 // Wedding Photographers in Huntsville, Alabama

The in-between moments of a wedding day. One of my favorite challenges on the wedding day is capturing those really special, candid in-between moments that showcase real emotion. Wedding days are real life, and polished portraits (you know we love them!) is only half the story. A photographer is constantly keeping an eye on everything happening in all directions because there are so many layers of these in-between moments during the wedding day.

I love watching the bride’s mom during the father/daughter dance. The sister of the bride’s face when the bride steps back in her full bridal ensemble is really precious. A best man usually sneaks a smiling glance over at the groom as the bride appears in the aisle.

Then there are the first looks. Bride/groom, father/daughter, mother/son, sister/brother. I love them all so much. The reception is full of these amazing in-between moments. I keep an eye on grandparents, especially. Some of the sweetest moments happen with a grandma. After losing two of my own grandparents this past year, I make sure your grandparents will be highlighted in some sweet picture memories.

Here are just a few of my favorite in-between moments from 2021:

I love these faces!!!


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