Best of 2020: Wedding Portrait Edition! | Joel and Amber Photography

Best of 2020: Wedding Portrait Edition!


Jan 5, 2021

Best Wedding Portraits of 2020 // Wedding Photographers in Huntsville, Alabama

Best Wedding Portrait Burritt on the Mountain Huntsville

Oh, 2020. To be a bride in 2020 wasn’t an easy feat. This entire year was like a yo-yo of crushed expectations, glimmers of hope, and plenty of challenging decisions to navigate. This Best Of Wedding blog post is extra-extra special because it’s a testimony to braving the challenges and letting love SHINE!

We came into 2020 thinking it would be a pretty normal year. A full calendar of amazing weddings, fun engagement sessions, a couple of minis session dates, a few J&A Coffee Days, and our annual J&A Summer Picnic. What started out feeling normal quickly became a year of helping many of our brides walk through hard decisions, moments of disappointment, and lots of unknowns. There were rescheduled weddings, 350-person celebrations turned into family-only ceremonies, and masks and sanitizer everywhere.

But do you know what we saw? Through the tears and anxious moments, we saw these couples rise above this significantly disappointing year. No bride wants to reschedule her wedding, and I bet none of them wanted to smile at their guests through a mask. These couples took the challenges and created moments worthy to be remembered.

Intimate Elopements and Dazzling Celebrations

Some weekends, we photographed intimate elopements with just a tiny handful of people. Other days we clicked that shutter button for 10 hours straight in an all-out dazzling party (sanitizer included). Experiencing both ends of the spectrum gave us a new appreciation for both! We re-discovered the beauty of small, intimate weddings. We also savored the energy of a smashing dance floor in a way that we took for granted before.

Best of 2020 Wedding Day Portraits

Wow, it was hard to narrow it down. Would you believe that it literally took me an entire work day to create this blog post? For starters, we actually photographed more weddings this year than any other year. We typically have an upper limit of how many weddings we’ll book. But…when the sweetest, most genuine couples came to us later in the year and asked if we would be willing to photograph their intimate wedding, we absolutely said yes. We cherished every single one of them!

That meant I spent my day browsing through the memories of over 20 wedding galleries, full of the BEST moments. And wow, it was hard to just choose a handful from each wedding day. Between the emotional in-between moments, lots of stunning details, endlessly gorgeous portraits, and hoppin’ receptions – how do you just choose 2 or 3 images from a wedding day?

This Best Of blog post features our favorite Bride and Groom Portraits because those are near and dear to our hearts. Our other favorites are the amazing, emotional, sweet and fun in-between moments that I’m saving for Part 2. You’re going to love it. But in the meantime, here are some of our tippy-top favorites!

Enjoy just a little tiny peek into our top favorite wedding portraits of 2020!

To our all absolutely amazing J&A Couples – we can’t even tell you how much we love you guys! This has been THE craziest year to get married in, and you dominated. From the most intimate elopement with just the 4 of us to a full-blown 10 hour celebration, every single one of your weddings was so very special and unique. You will have a very dramatic story to tell your kids and grandkids when they’re sitting on your lap, paging through your wedding albums!

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for inviting us into this special journey of engagement, wedding planning, and celebrating forever. We’re incredibly honored that you chose us, and we can’t wait to watch your journeys unfold over the years! HUGS!


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