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Best of 2020: Moments In-Between


Jan 12, 2021

Sweetest Emotions Caught on Camera: The In Between Moments of 2020 // Wedding Photographers in Huntsville, Alabama

My Best Of blog posts always end up with a Part 2. (Missed Part 1? You can find it here!) As I browse through galleries from the past year, there are so many incredible, perfect, and unique moments that deserve another shout out in the world. I’m so excited to share this special post to highlight some of the beautiful in-between moments. Portraits get a lot of attention because we love people and the genuine joy they share, but there is so, so much beauty in every single real moment!

Delicate details capture the still, quiet anticipation for the day. They all have a powerful story to tell that layers beneath its outward beauty. In the moment your mom helps you put on your wedding dress, it starts to feel so real! In-between moments with parents throughout the day are some of our favorite things to capture.

These Are A Few of Our Favorite Things

First looks start with an astronomical amount of built up anticipation, excitement, and nerves. It’s an explosion of all the best emotion that makes us love first looks so much.

And I don’t know what we did to deserve it, but this was a year of coffee bars, coffee bean wedding favors, Bigfoot Little Donuts, and Piper & Leaf tea bars at our weddings! Words can’t describe how much fun that was for us. #favoritethings They absolutely had to have a special shout out of their own, so here it is!

I chose a smattering of my favorite memories from different parts of the wedding day and brought them all together for you to enjoy! This Part 2 was so much fun to create. I hope you enjoy these sweet memories!

Here to an amazing 2021! We hope your year is filled the the brim with all the special in-between moments that make life so rich and beautiful.


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