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Best of 2019: Weddings!


Jan 2, 2020

Favorite 2019 Wedding Memories // Wedding Photographers in Huntsville, Alabama

What a wonderful year you have been, 2019! When we stepped into our first wedding in March after having Josiah in January, we really weren’t sure what this year would really look like for us.

We decided to only take on 8 weddings in 2019 to give us lots of space to adjust to having a new baby. Figuring out what our work/life balance would be with a tiny human to care for 24/7 was a new challenge for us!

Our 2019 In Review

Each of those 8 weddings were so precious to us! The couples we worked with became exactly the couples God knew we needed this year. They encouraged us and reminded us in so many ways why we want to continue to pour our hearts into our wedding photography business. Not to mention, they were perfect for the camera!

We photographed weddings at our favorite venues and epic new ones. Our couples delighted us with unique, fun touches in their wedding details while creating the classic style that our photography has come to match perfectly with. We worked with incredible vendors and built industry relationships that encouraged us in the challenging moments of running a business.

It’s so, so hard for me to narrow down my favorites to just a handful of the “best of”. Here are some of my absolute top favorites. We’re so blessed!!

Our Best of 2019

To Chrissa & Jamie, Stephanie & Brian, Katherine & Ryne, Sabiha & Sifat, Erica & Evan, Emily & Ethan, Meredith & Lucas, and Anna & Caleb: Thank you for being exactly the people we needed in our lives this year. We prayed that God would bring us just the right couples for 2019, and He did! What a blessing. We are so thankful for you, your wedding visions, and the joy you have brought to our lives. Love you guys!



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Wedding Planning Checklist
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    What a lovely year!

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