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Best of 2018: Weddings {Memories}


Jan 15, 2019

Best of Huntsville Weddings // 2018 Edition // Wedding Photographers Huntsville Alabama

It’s one of our most popular posts of the year, and it’s here!! Our annual Best Of blog post brings back the joy of so many sweet wedding memories from throughout the year.

I have to admit that it’s really, really hard to narrow the pictures down. I start with a big collection of our favorites before culling them down, little by little, into a reasonably sized blog post. That’s always the biggest challenge of these Best Of blog posts!

{There’s also a Best Of Bride & Groom Portraits from 2018, and you won’t want to miss it!}

The memories are so worth it, though. Taking the time to relive memories from every one of our weddings this past year is a sweet task. From really thoughtful wedding day details to precious grandparent moments and bridal party antics, we’ve got it all!

We are so blessed and thankful to have had the opportunity to make sure these moments will never be lost. There are so many special memories in life – and these are ones that will keep on living.

Pictures are more than just pretty poses, the right angle, and finding the good light. They’re about genuine moments and real emotions. For this year’s Best Of post, I wanted to focus on the in-between moments that are completely raw and real. When you look at a picture, you remember how you felt in that moment.

This year’s post is dedicated to savoring those feelings and celebrating love, family, and joy!

Enjoy a walk down memory lane with our 2018 Best Of Wedding Memories!

Best Of: First Looks

Best Of: Memories

Wedding Day Details

This year, we got to experience our first Greek Orthodox ceremony at Holy Cross – Saints Constantine & Helen Orthodox Church. The chandeliers were brought over from Greece – super neat!

Several of our brides wore heirloom rings or carried handkerchiefs handed down by their grandmothers. Wedding day heirlooms are one of my favorite things!

Christina’s bridesmaid created this for her!

The bridesmaids put together this collection of handwritten letters and pictures as a surprise gift for the bride. What a lifelong treasure this will be!


Two of the bride and groom’s favorite things, put in appetizer form for the cocktail hour.

Yes! to a biscuit bar!

We loooove the engagement guest albums – and our couples do, too!

The place cards were color coded according to which meal each guest chose. Such a great idea!

Why just have one cake??

Reception Moments

Receptions have some of the craziest, sweetest, and most fun memories!

Like a surprise Thriller dance by the bride and groom.

A birthday surprise for grandpa.

Super fun cultural elements, like these dances.

Deanna and her dad shared a first dance, then invited other fathers/daughters to join them on the dance floor. I was in total tears behind the camera the whole time!

Living with joy.

We hope you loved sharing some of our favorite 2018 wedding moments! Every story is so perfect and unique. It’s a legacy that lasts for generations, and we’re so thankful to be part of these stories.



{Want more? You can find all these weddings in the Weddings category of our blog! We also have an whole blog series that focuses on building stronger marriages. These marriage building posts are called A Mocha For Your Tuesday (Tuesday Mochas for short), and we hope your own marriage will be inspired by the thoughts we share here!}

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