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Best Of 2018: Weddings {Bride & Groom Portraits}


Jan 8, 2019

Best of Huntsville Weddings // 2018 Edition // Wedding Photographers Huntsville Alabama

It’s here!! Our “Best Of” series are some of our most popular posts of the entire year, and you don’t have to wait any longer for our 2018 edition!

Every year, I make our Best Of series a little bit different. For 2018, I wanted to start by sharing some of our favorite Bride and Groom Portraits of the year!

Bride and Groom portraits are a really special time on the wedding day. It’s one of the few times when the bride and groom get to step away from everything else and focus on each other. As we have them turn in toward each other and he squeezes her in close, it creates a world of their own.

Even as we’re posing our couples, we look for ways to infuse genuine emotion into the moment. Having those moments to really connect with each other on the wedding day is something you’ll always remember!

We love wedding day bride and groom portraits for lots of reasons. Pretty backgrounds, our favorite poses, being able to choose the lighting. But the very best part? Watching true joy flow into this time together. There is love written all over their faces!

The emotions in our portrait time flow together in a beautiful way. Right after the First Look, you can still see a picture of the excitement and elation woven into even a posed portrait. Those feelings carry into the entire portrait session!

As we spend more time with bride and groom portraits, those emotions settle into a really sweet, loving vision of their relationship. We have them cuddle in close. They get to dance and twirl. Walking hand in hand, he smiles over at her. As they share this interaction together, they feel even more in love. Even more ready to be married.

Enjoy just a few of our favorite bride and groom portraits from 2018!




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