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Why Creating A Vendor Contact List is So Important!


Feb 18, 2016

After sharing our 4-part series of 2015’s favorite stories, we’re excited to be back today with another Tidbit! :)

Today’s Tidbit is a quick tip that is super easy to do, but can have a powerful impact on making your wedding day go smoothly.


Create a contact sheet that lists all the vendors you’ll be using for your wedding day. (Don’t forget people like your venue contact person, rental companies, and invitation designers!) Send this list to everyone on your vendor team as soon as you finish finalizing it.


1. Business Name

2. Contact Name

3. What service or product they’re providing

4. Email and phone number

First of all, this allows you to have all of your vendor contact info in one place. One less thing for you to keep track of amidst a million other details!

It also allows your vendors to work together in a deeper way to make sure your wedding experience is cohesive and perfect. For example, we like to share our timeline with the caterer before the wedding so they’ll know exactly what’s going on. This helps them know how to prepare best for the flow of your reception. If you’ve booked a DJ that we’ve worked with before, we’ll know as we go into the wedding exactly what to expect and how to best coordinate with him!

It’s also super important to include the name and phone number of a contact person for the day of the wedding! If a vendor has any last minute questions or issues on the wedding day, the last thing they want to do is bother the bride with a text! Not good!

If you don’t have a wedding coordinator, assign a close friend or family member to be your vendor’s emergency contact person. The vendors will know exactly who to contact and will be able to work through any hiccups before they become a problem!

David and Cierra's Traditional Church DIY Wedding - Decatur Alabama Wedding Photography_0388

At one wedding we photographed, the ceremony and reception were at two separate venues. Right before the ceremony started, I got a text from the caterer. She had arrived at the backyard reception venue and someone had accidentally locked the door to the house (and the kitchen!) as they left for the ceremony site! It worked out just fine – she knew we were photographing and had our contact info. We were able to coordinate a rescue effort! :)

It’s small things like this that aren’t necessarily a lack of planning – but things sometimes happen! Getting your team in touch with one another AND having an emergency contact person on the wedding day can smooth out little bumps really easily.

Happy planning! :)



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