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Introducing: A Mocha For Your Tuesday

A Mocha For Your Tuesday

Feb 16, 2016

What is more cozy than a steaming mocha on a Tuesday? First of all, coffee just makes everything better. I think some of my most brilliant ideas come from moments where I’m sipping on an expertly poured cup of coffee.

And Tuesday. Tuesday is such a beautiful day. Your week is well under-way, but the weekend isn’t on the horizon yet. For me, Tuesday is the day where I’ve caught up on everything I put off over the weekend. I’m fresh and ready to chase after the potential of the week!

Today we’re introducing our new blog adventure: our Mocha For Your Tuesday series. It’s the more informal side of our J&A Blog, where we really get to share our hearts. You’ll get an inside peek into our lives – what inspires us, the things that mean the most to us, and the heart behind what we do.

We hope that you’ll find that our Mocha For Your Tuesday is a fun inspiration to help you through your week!

Besides, who can resist just a little more coffee? ;)



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