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A Mocha For Your Tuesday

Feb 23, 2016

“You come to love not by finding the perfect person, but by seeing an imperfect person perfectly.”

~Sam Keen

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One of the most important lessons we’ve learned in our own marriage is that you can’t expect perfection. I think sometimes you love and admire your spouse so much that you just sort of expect them to always be kind, generous, loving, unselfish, etc, etc.

It’s so important to give your husband or wife the same grace that you want them to give to you. You have bad days. You feel selfish sometimes, you make decisions that you regret later.

The most wonderful thing? Marriage is an amazing opportunity to learn how to truly love someone for who they are. Through the happy times and the cranky times, the days when you feel in love and the days when you wonder if you made the right decision.

You choose to love them with all their perfect imperfections.

And choosing to do so makes your love and your marriage grow stronger every day.

So today, choose to love all the crazy, annoying little things that make you roll your eyes. Learn to understand and learn to see the person behind the imperfections. <3





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