Madison & Drew // Black and White Winter Wedding


Jan 25, 2024

Black and White Winter Wedding at The Roundhouse // Wedding Photographers in Huntsville, Alabama

Bride and Groom portrait at The Roundhouse in Huntsville

Madison and Drew are married!! An icy winter blast may have brought the arctic to Huntsville, but there were some warm, happy hearts hanging out in the Roundhouse. Our city shut down for a week with a layer of ice coating our roads, and Madison and Drew walked through the days before their wedding unsure of what Saturday would actually look like. And since I have this blog post for you, I’m super happy to report that God sent some powerful sunshine to blast through Friday’s 12-degree temperatures to clear the roads enough for many of their guest to celebrate this fun couple!

Not that Madison and Drew are complete strangers to navigating weather conditions. Their October downtown Huntsville engagement session included umbrellas and more than a few raindrops! One thing I love about Madison and Drew is how well they took it all in stride. A few raindrops – bring on the umbrellas. Arctic wedding day blasts – we’ll just keep warm on the dance floor. Nothing could stop the joy from bubbling over!

The weather kept us indoors most of the day, but a huge shout out to Madison, Drew, and their bridal party for braving the cold for a couple of minutes to get a series of natural light pictures. The brick and wood vibe of the Roundhouse brought a cozy winter look, but nothing beats a little sunset glow.

A Few of My Favorite Wedding Details

Madison wore a wedding dress that was very special to her family. I love the memories the dress carried and how well it matched the tone of their wedding! The draping around the Roundhouse and the chandelier was also a favorite! It really pulled together the room decor and was perfect for their evening winter wedding.

The reception was full of fun memories. Mason Dixon’s grits bar was so good! It was simple, delicious, and absolutely perfect. Emerald Empire brought their talent to the stage, and Madison and Drew’s wedding guests were treated to such a fun evening. The entire reception time counts as a favorite from the day!

Here’s a little peek into Madison & Drew’s black and white winter wedding at The Roundhouse!

Madison & Drew – thank you so much for giving us the opportunity to go on this journey with you! You have such kind hearts and you’ve made it such a joy. You had amazing attitudes throughout the little speedbumps of nature raining (and icing) on your parade, and I know you’re going to be even stronger going through life together. Super happy for you guys! Congratulations!


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A shout out to these vendors!
Venue: The Roundhouse
Wedding Coordinator: Handy Avery
Photography: Joel & Amber Photography
Hair and Makeup Artist: Wheelhouse Salon
Bride’s Dress: Family Heirloom
Groom’s Attire: The Black Tux
Officiant: Rev. Kirk Hatcher
Catering: Mason Dixon
Cake Artist: Edgar’s Bakery
Macarons: Little Macs
Band: Emerald Empire
Beverage Service: Premium Shakers
Rentals: Shindigs and Such

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    Absolutely Beautiful! Job well done! :)

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    It’s so fun to fill in the gaps in my memories with these gorgeous photos! Thank you, Amber and Joel, for loving what you do and doing it with such excellence!

  4. Laura Robertson says:

    Joel and Amber, yall are amazing at what you do! It was so fun to work with you. Shoutout to the beautiful bride and groom! They are truly one of my favorite couples.

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    • Raquel Domaracki says:

      Madison & Drew you both look so so happy and stunning in these photos! So happy for you both. And these images captured the day perfectly. Absolutely in love with all of them!!

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