Catherine & Boston // Romantic Rainy Garden Session


Dec 12, 2023

Romantic Rainy Huntsville Botanical Garden Engagement Session // Wedding Photographers in Huntsville, Alabama

Rainy winter engagement session at Huntsville Botanical Garden

This was our last engagement session of the year, and what a way to go out with a bang! Catherine and Boston’s engagement session at Huntsville Botanical Garden may have been a little wet, but in the end it worked in our favor because these pictures are so incredibly romantic! As soon as we shared a sneak peek, comments started rolling in about how amazing this rainy session was.

Catherine and Boston came up to Huntsville just for the weekend to have their engagement session with us. With a March wedding coming up and holiday schedules, there weren’t many options to reschedule. So we carefully watched the weather, shuffled the session time around a few times, and in the end decided to take a chance on it. I’m so glad we did!

There weren’t many moments during the daylight hours that didn’t have some amount of water falling from the sky. God was very gracious to us and gave us a few spots of very light drizzle that made it possible to get out of the covered areas for part of the session. By the second outfit, the rain made a much more forceful appearance and didn’t have any inclination to wander off. It was okay, though, because splashing through the puddles and kissing in the rain gave a Notebook-style appeal that sunshine could never attain.

Catherine and Boston were absolute rockstars for rolling with every raindrop, volunteering to get soaked, and embracing the situation. I have a feeling the wedding day is going to be pretty spectacular!

Here’s a little peek into Catherine and Boston’s romantic rainy engagement session at Huntsville Botanical Garden!

Rainy winter engagement session at Huntsville Botanical Garen


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  1. Paul P. says:

    These are the best engagement pictures I have seen. Very creative. The rain pictures are so unique.

  2. Mom says:

    Love this wonderful couple, and these beautiful pictures, so much!!❤️

  3. Kellie Rosic says:

    Could this couple been more perfect for each other? To just go with the flow of pouring rain, I know their marriage will be a beautiful journey full of love and adventure. The two of you are stunning and I adore you both!!! Happy Engagement to Catherine and Boston.

  4. Isabelle Page says:

    My heart is SO FULL for you both!!!! I’m so so happy for both of you and I can’t explain how much I love you!

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