Madison & Drew // Constitution Park and Nativity Downtown Session


Oct 19, 2023

Fall Engagement Session in Downtown Huntsville // Wedding Photographers in Huntsville, Alabama

Constitution Village Engagement Session

Fall engagement session season has arrived! We met Madison and Drew at Constitution Village in downtown Huntsville to start their engagement session. Joel really enjoys shooting at this spot because there are so many different backgrounds! White archways, red brick, weathered wood, and a gazebo. We spent the whole first half of their session just in that one little spot!

Of course, Madison and Drew were the ones who really made the location shine. They were so fun to have in front of our cameras! A surprise rain shower threatened the sky from the very beginning of the session, so we rolled through poses and locations so quickly just in case we got caught in the rain. These two were total troopers and transitioned seamlessly through the flow of poses and locations. I think we almost had a full session’s worth of pictures after just the first half – Madison and Drew were that good!

The rain caught us at the very end, but we got everything we needed and had so much fun doing it!

Here’s a little peek into Madison and Drew’s downtown Huntsville Constitution Village and Church of the Nativity engagement session!


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  1. debbie mcdaniel says:

    lovely photos, lovely couple!

  2. Madison says:

    I truly love these and you both are incredible to work with! We can’t wait for the wedding. I have to say, Amber made it extra special knowing my mom was in town and we had the chance to look through them together. Treasured family runs deep <3

  3. Brittanie Harner says:

    Absolutely beautiful! Well done! :)

  4. Frances King Quick says:

    I love these pictures! They capture a range of emotions, with joy leading the way. The colors are great. What a blessing to capture these feelings in living color. You will look back on them and smile in the years to come.

  5. Judy Swaim says:

    I LOVE these pictures of Madison and Drew! They are absolutely beautiful!!!

  6. Nataly Sorenson says:

    Beautiful pictures! Congratulations y’all!

  7. Linder Gilmer says:

    These lovely pictures capture the love Madison and Drew have for one another!

  8. Connie McGowen says:

    Beautiful couple and beautiful pictures! It will be hard to pick my favorite because all the pictures are just awesome! Congratulations to both Madison & Drew.

  9. Elaine Avery says:

    I love the pictures from Madison and Drew’s engagement session. You captured not only their love for each other but their love for life itself!

  10. Diane Robey says:

    These pictures are absolutely perfect!!! They certainly capture Drew and Madi’s personality and the love they have for each other! The backgrounds are terrific and really set off the photos!

  11. Cindy Hutchens says:

    Beautiful pictures. Beautiful couple. The backgrounds are lovely.

  12. Laura Robertson says:

    I LOVE these photos! Especially the one where Madi and Drew are dancing before the rain comes. Beautifully captured, Joel and Amber!

  13. Andrew Watts says:

    This was my first professional photo shoot, and you made it a seamless experience! Can’t wait for the wedding!

  14. Susanna Chesser says:

    What beautiful photos of two beautiful people!

  15. Linda Alford says:

    These pictures are just so beautiful. We love them and we love Drew and Madison!!

  16. Terri Caniglia says:

    Beautiful pictures of beautiful people.

  17. Polly Pinke says:

    I loved seeing these gorgeous photos of Madison and Drew! Well done! ❤️

  18. Ollie Radovanovic says:

    Beautiful couple!

  19. Raquel Domaracki says:

    So sweet, and captured beautifully! Love every every single one

  20. Lovely couple, and lovely pictures!!

  21. Terri Womack says:

    Love these pictures…and these folks!

  22. Susan Abroms says:

    Beautiful photos of Madison and Drew! Madison and Drew’s love shines through in these great photographs!

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