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Jul 3, 2018

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A couple weeks ago I talked about the famous 1 Corinthian verses about love. With facets like a diamond, each little three-word phrase is packed with meaning.

“Love is patient”.

How many time have we read over those words and moved right onto “love is kind”? When words are so familiar to us, I think it’s almost harder to feel the impact. It’s like our mind says, “Check! Know that one. What’s next?”

We’re going to be sprinkling in some special Mochas throughout the next few months that dive just a little bit deeper into these thoughts on true love.

The beauty of these verses of 1 Corinthians is that it applies to our love for other people in general, but also has so much meaning for the love we’re committed to in our marriages.

How many of you feel like you’ve got the “love is patient” part down pat?

I know that while I’m breezing through those verses, I often fall into the trap of feeling like I’m a pretty patient person.

As long as I’m not hungry, stressed, or exhausted, of course. Joel knows that “hangry” is a legit thing and that stress = quick to lose patience.

Patience here refers to long suffering. That means having the patience to endure wrong time and time again.

What does that look like in marriage?

Joel is one of the most patient people I know. Unless you’re a crazy driver or a computer that won’t cooperate, but hey. Not even Joel is perfect all the time.

Patience is letting me talk for an hour straight as soon as he walks in the door after work because I have so much on my mind.

It’s is being kind and encouraging to me when I’m hungry-stressed-exhausted and unreasonably snap at him over something completely insignificant.

Patience is not making a snappy comment when we’re late and I have to run back into the house to grab my purse…and my phone…and lip gloss.

Patience might need to be long term.

In marriage, patience often means more than keeping your mouth shut until your spouse gets a solid meal. (See the hangry comment above…)

If one of you have destroyed trust, it takes patience over time to build that back up. And over those months, it might test your patience to the limit.

It might look like waiting for God to bless you with a family. Maybe tension with in-laws needs on-going patience. You might be facing the need to break bad spending habits and commit to a budget – and you find your spouse (or you!) falling into Amazon-like temptation.

An Endless Need

There’s an endless need for patience and long-suffering in marriage. Every day, in so many ways.

This week, keep those 3 little words in your mind. “Love is patient”. Be ready for a situation where you feel anything but patient. Those angry feelings start to rise – and be ready with this verse.

Practicing patience in the small ways will help you be patient in things with great impact.



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