Christina & Eric // Downtown Huntsville Engagement Session


Jul 5, 2018

Engagement Session Downtown Huntsville // Photographers Huntsville Alabama

It’s a beautiful thing to come back from a month of adventuring and straight into a sweet engagement session! Engagement sessions are one of our favorite reminders of how much we love the couples we get to work with. Christina and Eric were no exception! We left their downtown engagement session with hearts so full.

Christina and Eric met at a Lowe Mill swing dancing event. Cute girl saw cute boy – one dance, and the rest is history! There’s a fun yellow sign hanging in Lowe Mill that saw the whole thing. One of our favorite parts of this engagement session is that they brought it along! How fun is it that we danced through their engagement session with the sign that’s been there since the very beginning!

And we didn’t just have a really cool sign. We also got to bring in their puppies!! Roosevelt and Ringo are the cutest little poodle fluffs ever, and we had such a blast playing with them! They even smiled at the camera a time or two, those little sweeties.

We loved every second we spent with this sweet couple on that hot June evening, and we’re excited to share this little peek into their downtown Huntsville engagement session!



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  1. Jennie says:


  2. Ann McClain says:

    Fantastic photos – and happy you included the pups (they look pleased too)

  3. Cindy K says:

    What a happy couple! Wishes for a blessed marriage.
    LOVE the BW photo!

  4. Andrew says:

    Great photos! I know you’ll have a great life together.

  5. Pam Stewart says:

    Beautiful people make beautiful pictures, I love them all! Pups are pretty cute too!! Many blessings!

  6. Christina says:

    We had so much fun at the session with you! You captured our relationship so perfectly!

  7. Brian Greene says:

    What beautiful photos. Your happiness shines through. Congratulations!

  8. Larry B. says:

    Congratulation!! All great photographs too.!!

  9. Laura Sakmyster says:

    Ahhh these pictures are gorgeous and so are you guys ;) Congrats again!! So cute :)

  10. Dan Ke says:

    Fantastic photos. Wish you guys will happily ever after!

  11. Eric Jones says:

    Congratulation!! Great Pictures.

  12. Julie M. says:

    Wonderful Pictures! I love that you included the puppies! Congrats

  13. Kadie Pangburn says:

    AHHH!!! These are gorgeous! So excited for you two and happy to have you both as part of our little Huntsville Swing Dance family!

  14. Mindy Black says:

    These are so beautiful! I’m so happy for you guys!

  15. Cristina says:

    Love them!

  16. Allison M says:

    Beautiful! The dancing in the doorway photo and the black and white photo are incredible.

  17. Donna Hitt says:

    What beautiful photos! Your happiness and love for each other shows in every photo!

  18. Krystal Wilkerson says:

    You two are super adorable! So happy you are part of our dance community!!!

  19. Jamie McArthur says:

    Beautiful pictures! I can’t even pick a favorite!

  20. Justin Schafer says:

    Congrats! Wonderful pictures!

  21. Angela M. says:

    Love the photos!! Great idea to include the sign!

  22. Natalie says:


  23. Karen & Roy Borgeson says:

    You have a very difficult decision on picking your favorite photos. All are beautiful. Love the sign!!!

  24. Christin Johnson says:

    Love these photos! You two look so in love. Congrats!

  25. Linda says:

    Absolutely Beautiful…. The Perfect Couple..

  26. Danielle says:

    Beautiful pictures of a beautiful couple! These pictures perfectly illustrate your love & what you two love! Congratulations again!

  27. Annette says:

    Beautiful pictures. So happy for you guys.

  28. Janelle says:

    The pictures came out so beautiful!! So excited for you two!! <3

  29. Anna Canales says:

    I absolutely love these photos! The settings are beautiful and I love how the camera captured all the joy in their hearts. Looked like a fun photo shoot. Even Ringo and Roosevelt looked like they were enjoying themselves. The black and white photo was especially awesome! Much love!

  30. Daphne Joy says:

    It warms my heart to see you so happy together. Congratulations on your beautiful engagement!
    Keep on dancing!!!

  31. Jill Harlan says:

    Y’all are adorable! I can’t wait to celebrate the big day with you!

  32. Ed Canales says:

    Love the pictures. You look so happy. Ringo and Roosevelt look happy too

  33. Amy says:

    Beautiful pictures! Congratulations!

  34. Kristina says:

    Beautiful photos of a beautiful couple! Congratulations!!!

  35. Dave Pohl says:

    All of the pictures were great!
    Roosevelt and Ringo look like they had a good time also.

  36. Gorgeousness!!! Much love to you both.

  37. Jeanette Pohl says:

    Beautiful couple!
    Fantastic photography!
    Special puppies – Ringo and Roosevelt love these two,!
    It will be very difficult to choose their favorites!
    . I love the flowers!

  38. Alyce Alven says:

    Such beautiful photos.

  39. Monique Hache says:

    These pictures are amazing! Such a great couplell!

  40. Sarah Martinez says:

    Christina, these photos are gorgeous! So happy for you! Congratulations!

  41. R Thoerig says:

    Congratulations you two!!!

  42. Amanda B says:

    Congratulations!!!! Beautiful photos!

  43. Steven P. says:

    These photos are amazing! Looks like you had a lot of fun. Congratulations!!

  44. Amanda says:

    I love these! So excited for you both!!

  45. Callie says:

    Great pictures! You both look stunning, love that you brought the sign and your dogs!

  46. Carla Canales says:

    Christina & Eric,
    All the photos capture your love story beautifully. So many amazing shots, it’s difficult to pick a favorite. I am partial to all the close ups, the ones with the pups,, the ones of you dancing( which tells the story of how you met) walking, hugging ,laughing, gazing lovingly into each other’s eyes…oh and the ones on the steps with your fur babies…wait that’s all of them…way too difficult to narrow it down to one…

  47. Katie esch says:

    Beautiful and feel so natural! Congratulations!!!

  48. Andrea Selvaggi says:

    These are all so beautiful!! I think my favorite is the dip in from of the church with the blue door. I’m so excited for you two!

  49. Andrea Selvaggi says:

    These are all so beautiful! My favorite is the dip in front of the church with the blue door. I’m so excited for you two!

  50. Christina P says:

    This pictures are beautiful. So excited for you guys!

  51. Judy Chvala says:

    Beautiful pictures of a very happy couple!

  52. Karen-lyn Parker says:

    Thank you for sharing your photos, Eric & Christina! They are delightful. I told Robert I hope you print the one of the puppy kissing Christina for your home! There were so many good ones it will be hard to pick your favorites, but that one is precious and says so much about you guys.

  53. Johnson leigh says:

    You look so happy!! I am so excited for you. We miss you and love you!!

  54. Jacqueline Lichtenberger says:

    My faves are the ones where you guys are dancing! Beautiful pictures and couple! :)

  55. Rhoda Voegeli says:

    Nice collection of photos! Congrats!

  56. Joe Denhalter says:

    You two seem like a match made in heaven! Beautiful pictures.

  57. Nick Onken says:

    Congratulations!! You look so happy together!

  58. Loni Berry says:

    I am so Excited for you two!!! Y’all look so happy . The pictures are so Beautiful. Congratulations!!!

  59. Delonna High says:

    Such a beautiful love story ❤️

  60. Bryce says:

    These pictures are too adorable! I love that you guys included the fur-kids! Congratulations, Christina and Eric!

  61. Meredith says:

    What fun pictures! You guys did a great job!

  62. Sandra Bui says:

    So cute, Christina!!!

  63. Sharie says:

    Beautiful photos of beautiful people!

  64. Bob Chvala says:

    Beautiful photos and great love story…looking forward to the shower/wedding.

  65. Kevin Gourieux says:

    Awesome pictures!

  66. Tessa says:

    Love the pictures! I love how happy you both look. I’m so glad the pups got to join too. It looks like a fun day. The photos capture the love. And hey oh my gosh what a gorgeous ring!

  67. Vincent B. says:

    Dogs and dancing, what more do you need? I think everything came together quite perfectly.

  68. Eugene says:

    These are adorable! Can’t wait for the wedding!

  69. Mike Chvala says:

    Thanks for sharing your lovely outside photos . One of many happy days to come . Wishing you both a joyous marriage .

  70. Kerr Allen says:

    My favorite is the dip in front of the purple door!

  71. Carol and Chris Carner says:

    Christine, your Mom shared your beautiful engagement pictures with Chris and I. You and Eric look so happy and we love all the photos.. Especially the ones up close of you two with and with out the puppies.
    We are looking forward to meeting Eric in September.

  72. Eric says:

    I really enjoyed our session. We didn’t know what to expect, and you two made it so easy for us to enjoy the moments together.

  73. Adriana Lichtenberger says:

    Absolutely beautiful photos!! Great idea to dance and include your fur babies! Love you all! ❤️

  74. Mark & Gabi Bowerman says:

    Loved the photo shoot but particularly the dancing and dog shots! Beautiful moves; gorgeous couple and photos that really capture feelings and moments…almost like we were there when he first asked for the dance.

  75. Jen and Russ says:

    What a great looking couple. So excited for you two. Wish you both the best. The pictures are amazing!

  76. Stephanie Chvala says:

    The pictures are beautiful. You both look very happy. Congratulations!!

  77. Shellie Neumeier says:

    So beautiful!! Congratulations you two!

  78. Robert C Dohring says:

    Great Pics Eric! Congrats!

  79. Kristin Welch says:

    Beautiful pictures! Congratulations!

  80. Trudy says:

    Great pics!

  81. Thomas Martir says:

    Beautiful pics, lil sis! I’m so happy for you!

  82. Dustin Pieper says:

    Good job! Huge success!

  83. Kevin c says:

    Congrats!!! Great phota, keep dancing

  84. Ashley says:

    Beautiful photos! Congratulations!

  85. Mike & Stephanie says:

    You both look as happy as we do still. Always settle the small stuff before the end of day . The big issues will always work themselves out. And put each other before anyone else and you will always feel that sparkle you have now that we all see in those beautiful photos. Love forever last any difficult times .

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