A Mocha For Your Tuesday: How I Stopped Getting Annoyed

A Mocha For Your Tuesday

Apr 4, 2017

We all have to deal with it. A husband who never puts his shoes away, no matter how many times you bug him. A wife who leaves dirty dishes in the sink for days. It doesn’t take long into your marriage to start seeing those annoying little things start to pop up that you never knew about before.

One of Joel’s annoying little habits is leaving that under-microwave light on after he’s done cooking.

I know what you’re thinking… Your husband is cooking, and you’re complaining about a light being left on?

Yep. We all have pet peeves, right? That microwave light is one of mine. :)

For a few years, I let it bug me. I’d get up from the table, walk over to the stove and turn it off. Not without a little comment, depending on my mood.

And one of those times, I made a decision. I decided that I was tired of getting annoyed by this little thing over and over. If he hasn’t learned in 7 years, he will probably forget for the next 7. Do I really want to deal with it?

It was a simple attitude shift. I acknowledged that it was really a silly little thing, and the effort it takes me to turn it off was so minor.

Now I check the microwave light before I sit down and turn it off. I don’t comment about it, I just do it.

What little things do you allow under your skin that really, honestly don’t matter? Is it easy enough for you to just pick that towel up and put it on the rack? Is the two seconds it takes to put her bowl in the dishwasher worth the frustration you feel every time you see it?

This week, look for one of your spouse’s little annoying habits and make an intentional decision to make an attitude shift. Don’t make a big deal about it – just do it.

Here’s to building stronger marriages!



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