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Laura & Ryan // The Ledges Wedding


Nov 3, 2016

To say that we were excited for Laura and Ryan’s wedding day may be an understatement. :) Not only are they one of the sweetest couples, but we knew that there would be bagpipes involved. And kilts.

Joel and I both went to Covenant College, which is very rich in its Scottish heritage. Not only did bagpipes accompany us to every soccer game and graduation, but kilts also made their appearance several times during the semester. We even still have a Scottish flag that we inherited from students who lived that legacy before us. So a J&A Couple that we adore + lots of Scottish things?

Yes. So much yes.

Not to mention the sunsets over the golf course that make us swoon every time.

Laura and Ryan’s wedding day was as wonderful as we could have even imagined. The fall colors were out in all their fullness, and the weather was balmy. The venue was dreamy. Their friends and family were just amazing.

They started their day with a First Look and a portrait session among the gorgeous greens of The Ledges. After spending some time taking portraits of their super fun and adorable bridal party (seriously – loved those people!), they spent some quiet time preparing for the ceremony!

The sun was setting to a perfect golden hue just as Laura and Ryan finished their vows. We took advantage of that ah-mazing sunset and took some of our favorite portraits of the day right before they entered the reception to celebrate with friends and family!

Laura’s garter was handmade by a friend in Scotland!

Two J&A Brides!!!!


I can’t get enough of these two and this sunset!!

They celebrated another Scottish wedding tradition during the reception! The youngest members of the bridal party present the bride and groom with horseshoes, which represent good luck in their marriage.

One of my favorite, favorite pictures from this wedding! Love these two sweet, wonderful J&A Brides!!!

Laura and Ryan, we are just so thankful for you two! Your kind hearts and fun personalities are such treasures. Thank you for being willing to take “just one more shot with the sunset”! :) Thank you for giving us this amazing opportunity to share this story with you! <3



A shout out to these amazing vendors who put so much love into creating an amazing day for Laura and Ryan!

Venue: The Ledges

Dress Shop: Madison Town and Country Bridal

Hair Artist: Amanda Thomas

Makeup Artist: Laney Harris

Florals: Albert’s Flowers

Videographer: Oak Hill Films

Officiant: Michael Carter

Catering: The Ledges

Cake Artist: Donna Scott

Groom’s Cake: Nothing Bundt Cakes

Some bonus pictures! I love these pictures because of the fun stories that go with them!

We were finishing up Laura and Ryan’s sunset portraits and heading back to the front of the venue for their grand entrance. I looked back and saw the amazing sunset and said, “Wait! You guys totally need to turn around and just soak in this moment! God created one of the most beautiful sunsets for your wedding day!” Ryan decided to take a selfie with the sunset, which Joel totally went for! Joel then snapped what is one of his favorite pictures of the entire day. :)

This picture isn’t perfect from a technical standpoint, but I love it just the same! After Laura’s bouquet toss, I looked over to see a group of the little girls in the corner all gathered together. I laughed when they started playing “bouquet toss” with a piece of paper. It sure kept them entertained and it was adorable!

  1. Patti Palmer says:

    What wonderful pictures of such a beautiful wedding!

  2. Angela Crawford says:

    Wow! Great photos! Another awesome session in the books for J&A! These are some of my favorites!

  3. Lauren McBane says:

    These are gorgeous, as usual! Although, I must say that I am particularly partial to the Scottish theme :)

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