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Austin & Jillian // Iowa Prairie Forever Session

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Aug 1, 2019

Destination Family Session // Des Moines Iowa // Family Photo Session

As far as little brothers go, mine isn’t too bad. I could tell you a story or two, but I should probably play it safe. He might draw my name for our family Christmas gift exchange…

Austin and Jillian also happen to be an official J&A Couple. Photographing their wedding out in eastern North Carolina made for an epically fun day! Jillian’s parents are flower farmers, and there were gooorgeous peonies galore. I have a lot of favorite parts about their wedding day, but those peonies have to be close to the top of my list!

Earlier that afternoon, Jillian and I did a little location scouting to find the perfect Iowan prairie. We wanted to infuse some flavor of the midwest into their session. As soon as I saw these locations, I fell in love. I wish I could transport a little piece of it back to Huntsville!

We packed up the kids and headed out for our session. Just in time….for it to start raining. The 20% chance of rain found our little piece of paradise. We snapped a handful of shots at the first location before dashing back to our cars, kids in tow.

Our second location had a few trees to use for shelter, so we headed there next. By the time we got there, God gifted us with the 80% chance of non-rain!

And it was epic. I loved using the prairie grass for both the background and a prop. These little guys were so cute among the grasses!

Here’s a little peek into their prairie forever session!



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  1. Patti says:

    Great family. Wonderful pictures.

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