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4-Step Guide To Creating Your Seating Chart


Jul 25, 2019

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This week we’re jumping straight into that thing called The Seating Chart!

Did you just feel a slight increase in your heart rate?

You’re not alone. Unless you love puzzles, organization, and playing around with poster board and sticky notes – this probably isn’t the task you’re most looking forward to in your wedding planning.

So to make this process so much easier, we’ve got an easy-to-follow 4-step guide for nailing the seating chart part of your to-do list!

1. Decide where you want the bridal party and immediate family to sit.

Are you planning to have a sweetheart table for yourselves, with your bridal party and family at tables close by? Or are you designing a head table for the whole bridal party? Is there room for your parents there?

Your bridal party, parents, grandparents, and immediate family are the VIPs of your wedding. Get them in position first!

Typically, the bride and groom’s parents are seated at a table together, along with grandparents and other immediate family. Put them at a table of honor next to you! If there is a situation with divorced parents or other sensitive dilemmas, it’s also okay to give each set of parents a table of their own. In this case, you’ll fill in those tables with other close family and friends.

2. Find seating for guests that need special consideration.

This means elderly guests, those in wheelchairs, parents with small children, etc. Make sure they have plenty of room to get in and out of their tables easily.

Your elderly guests might really appreciate being seated away from the band or DJ. It’s also considerate to put them near the door so they don’t have to weave in and out of a crowded room to get to and from their seats if movement is difficult for them.

3. Organize the groups.

Now comes everyone else! Here are 3 tips for assigning your seating:

Try to make sure everybody has at least one friend or acquaintance at their assigned table.

Some friends just love meeting new people, but most will feel a little uncomfortable sitting with a table full of strangers. You can either put a table together of people who all know each other, or you can split it up into two different groups of friends. Just keep an eye out for loners!

If you do have some friends who don’t know anyone else, match them with guests who have similar backgrounds or interests.

It will give them a good chance of finding mutual topics of conversation that are interesting to both parties – which makes things much easier in a group of strangers!

Reconsider the singles table.

While it sounds good in theory, it’s much safer to avoid putting all the singles together at one table. Weddings can be a little difficult for a single friend already, and being singled out (no pun intended!) can sometimes make it even more uncomfortable.

Mix your single friends in with others, and follow the similar backgrounds or interests rule above. (Be careful not to toss them into a table full of happy newlyweds.)

4. Are you having a vendor table?

Some couples have a table designated for the vendors who work the full wedding day – like your coordinator and photographers. It’s a great way to give your vendors a designated space to eat their meal or set their glass of water during the reception.

Assign the vendors to an out-of-the-way table along the edge or near the back. They’ll feel more inconspicuous that way, and they’ll really appreciate the gesture of having a place to “belong”.

Bonus tip:

Many wedding planning websites have some pretty cool tools to help create your seating charts. If you’re not totally into the poster board and sticky note method, try out WeddingWire’s seating chart tool.

After you’ve got the seating plan figure out, use escort cards or a seating chart display to make it easy for your guests to find their spot!

What are your best tips for creating your seating chart? Do you have any stories to share? Tell us about it in the comments below!



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