Josiah Ashton // 6 Months

Life with Joel & Amber

Aug 14, 2019

Life with Joel & Amber // Huntsville Wedding Photographers

Remember Austin & Jillian’s Iowa prairie Forever Session last month? We took advantage of the amazing midwest scenery and had a mini session of our own!

Josiah turned 6 months old while we were on our midwest adventure. I can’t believe our little miracle baby is growing up so quickly! Doing his 6 month session in the midwest prairie was extra special for this South Dakota girl.

A summer rain shower descended at the beginning of this session, and we thought we’d have to settle with a miniature mini session. How thankful we were when we switched locations to find the shelter of a tree, and the rain gave us just enough of a break to traipse through the prairie grasses!

Josiah Ashton, you light up our world. You challenge us, make us laugh, teach us more about patience and endurance than we ever imagined, and have given us some of our most precious memories. We prayed earnestly for the gift of you, and now we pray earnestly for you as you experience each day of your life in this world.

We’re so thankful to be your parents, and we’re thankful that you have already learned how to smile for the camera!

Family photo credits go to Austin! We’re thankful that he was willing to jump behind the camera to capture the 3 of us together for a few shots.



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