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Renee & Kole // Traditional Holy Spirit and Burritt Wedding


Aug 27, 2021

Holy Spirit Catholic Church Ceremony and Burritt on the Mountain Reception // Wedding Photographers in Huntsville, Alabama

It’s not often that we photograph a Monday wedding, but Renee and Kole’s beautiful wedding at Holy Spirit Catholic Church and Burritt on the Mountain reception has us wishing we did! Burritt on the Mountain happens to be closed to visitors on Mondays, so Renee and Kole enjoyed having the entire place to themselves. It made it feel a little extra special and exclusive, which was really fun!

Renee and Kole were originally planning a wedding next year in Pennsylvania, but they decided to completely change all their plans to be sure Renee’s precious dad would be able to walk her down the aisle and experience the wedding day as a family. I don’t think I’ve cried that many tears at a wedding before! I was sniffling hard behind my camera as Renee and her dad walked down the aisle together. Oh my! What a genuine, heartfelt wedding day they celebrated! They appreciated every moment for the gift that it was. My heart just squeezes thinking about this precious family and the moments they shared. What an honor and a joy to be able to capture that for them!

This was the first time we met Renee and Kole outside of Zoom, and they were just as wonderful as we knew they would be! Both they and their families welcomed us into their wedding day with open arms, big smiles, and funny jokes. We felt instantly at home with them and enjoyed every moment.

A Few of My Favorite Details

I don’t know how on earth Renee, her mom, and their support system pulled a wedding of this caliber together in such a short time. Everywhere I looked was another thoughtful detail or fun creation.

The Wedding Cookie Table was amazing! I’ve seen wedding cookies before, especially as wedding favors, but this was in a completely different league. The Wedding Cookie Table is a Pennsylvania tradition with a long history. I may or may not have just spent way too many minutes exploring websites describing the history and importance behind it. I absolutely love that friends and family come together to shower their love on the couple this way! Especially when they create a cookie that holds a special memory to them all, it’s such a heartfelt addition to the reception. I mean, there are cookbooks out there dedicated to cookies for the Wedding Cookie Table! I love learning something new at a wedding.

Renee and Kole chose to spread food stations around the reception venue instead of using one long buffet line. The wok station, fajita station, appetizer station, and the cookie table were all big hits! Instead of waiting around in one long line, people could wander freely between stations as they chose.

Sweetest Family Details

When the father/daughter dance invites all the dad/daughter combos to join in on the dance floor, it always brings a smile to my face. Every father/daughter moment during this wedding celebration was extra special! It was beautiful to see all the daughters on the dance floor embracing that heartfelt moment with their own dads.

They used family heirlooms throughout the day, from antique reception centerpieces to an heirloom watch Renee wore as part of her bridal ensemble.

And certainly not least was the Grandma flower girls!! Joel and I came across that idea a few years ago and always wished we had done that at our own wedding! Renee and Kole made our Grandma dreams come true by inviting the grandmas to join the wedding party as flower girls. They were adorable and I couldn’t get enough of them!

I could keep going on and on, but what you really want to see are the pictures. So without further ado…

Enjoy a little peek into Renee & Kole’s wedding ceremony at Holy Spirit Catholic Church and Burritt on the Mountain wedding reception!

Renee & Kole – thank you so much for giving us the opportunity to witness such a sweet, heartfelt, family-oriented wedding celebration! You two are truly beautiful people, and we are thrilled for your future together. Hugs!


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  1. Lauretta Viglianco says:

    Absolutely love love love these precious photos. What a beautiful celebration this was.

  2. Shelley Corbett says:

    We’re so happy Renée chose you as her photographers! You were kind, professional, discreet. We really love these photos you shared! Thank you!

  3. Audrey Corbett says:

    Such a beautiful day. Thanks for joining us. These pictures are amazing!

  4. Jackie says:

    Beautiful pictures-Amazing wedding

  5. Nicole says:

    These are so beautiful!

  6. sue hart says:

    Such a beautiful wedding ! Theses pictures were gorgeous!

  7. Cindi says:

    Thank you for sharing these precious moments with our family. Absolutely astonishing photos.

  8. Tina Mertz says:

    Wow! Such a beautiful wedding! These pictures are absolutely amazing. So happy for you two❤️

  9. Juliet Hart says:

    Renee and Kole are a beautiful couple! These pictures are amazing. Congrats❤️

  10. Don Corbett says:

    Awesome pictures! Thank you very much! Love the sunset, the wind-blown look of the veil. Love the picture of me and Renée going down the aisle. Thank you!

  11. Renee says:

    Thanks for making us feel like models on this big day. You made us feel very comfortable and helped the day run so smoothly. I love that we are able to see our wedding photos so quickly!

  12. Kole says:

    Wow amazing pictures! I feel so handsome! Thanks for help making this wedding even better!

  13. Hampton says:

    These pictures truly capture the love this family has for one another! Congrats to you both, Renée and Kole!

  14. Lisa Reddig says:

    Absolutely beautiful pictures! Such a lovely day!

  15. Caralynn Reddig says:

    Thank you so much for capturing Kole and Renée’s beautiful celebration!

  16. Kory says:

    What wonderful photos of a GREAT group on people

  17. Adrienne (aka Aunt Amy) says:

    Lovely photos of a wonderful couple on a truly memorable day!

  18. Lauretta Viglianco says:

    An absolutely beautiful wedding for this absolutely beautiful couple. We love you so!

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