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Aug 19, 2021

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Originally published August 17, 2017 // Updated August 19, 2021

During our initial coffee date with our couples, one of our favorite parts is flipping through sample wedding albums. Besides getting to immerse ourselves in super sweet memories of past weddings, the album brings the storyline of a wedding day to life! When we get to the spread featuring the Father/Daughter first look, most of our brides instantly fall in love with the idea. 

What is the Father/Daughter first look? Well, I’m glad you asked. I’m sharing all about this simple, fantastic little wedding day moment today!

All He Sees Is Her.

In a guy’s life, there’s nothing quite like the second he sees his daughter for the first time on her wedding day.

All he feels are years worth of memories – years of watching her laugh and cry and hope and dream. Years of watching her grow into this strong, amazing, beautiful woman. He wants to hold his precious girl in his arms for just a brief moment and tell her how very, very proud he is.

The Father/Daughter First Look is just like the first look you’ll have with your groom, but that moment will be with your dad. These pictures speak for themselves – it’s a precious, joyful moment.

All The Details

We like to do the Father/Daughter First Look right before we’re scheduled to do the First Look with your groom. Once your dress is on and you’re ready to start portraits, we tuck you away for just a minute while we get your dad.

We’ll bring you to a quiet spot where your dad is waiting. We may have him simply turn around once you’ve arrived, or he might open the door and come into the room where you’re all set and ready to go. How we set it up depends on the venue and how we think the story will most delightfully be told in that moment. These pictures are so, so special. I have a few favorite parts of the wedding day, and this is one of them!

And…The Brother/Sister First Look

This one deserves a quick shout out! Some of our brides have really special relationships with their brother, grandfather, stepdad, or another person who has made a big impact in her life. You can do a first look with anyone you want! The brother/sister first look is an ultimate favorite of mine.

Talk with your photographer about taking a few minutes for your own Father/Daughter First Look on your wedding day. Or maybe add in a brother/sister first look! It’s so simple to plan and takes just a few extra minutes in your timeline. You’ll both be cherishing those memories forever.


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