Haley & Matt // Meadow Creek Farm Wedding


Apr 13, 2017

We’ve loved Haley and Matt’s story from the very first coffee date. A guy who proposes to his girlfriend right outside the Atlanta Braves stadium is definitely a winner! I can’t even imagine trying to focus on a baseball game with a gorgeous new ring on my finger! Eek! I’ll have to ask Haley sometime if she even remembers what the score was… :)

Fast forward to their epic private estate engagement session where we got to spend an entire evening with them wandering around the property that included a lake, an adorable little bridge, a grove of trees, and pretty much everything wonderful.

Fast forward again to April 8 – a magical day for a Meadow Creek Farm wedding! The balmy weather was 102% perfect. From the moment we walked into the door, Haley and Matt’s family and friends welcomed us with open arms and made us feel right at home. (I got some grandma hugs after the family portrait session, so I was a happy girl!)

Then there was Haley and Matt. These two precious souls. Watching them together was such a joy. Matt nailed his “nuzzle” pose like a champ, but my absolute favorite shots were when they turned to face each other, and they both got the sweetest looks on their faces.

They had some meaningful mementos like an embroidered handkerchief from Haley’s grandma – a grandma who couldn’t be there to watch her walk down the aisle but who knew that love and legacy live on – and wedding day letters that tied the whole day together with precious memories.

Everything about this day was gorgeous and we can’t wait to share! :)

Haley and Matt, thank you so much for letting be there to celebrate this special day with you! Everything was absolutely perfect, and we’re so excited for you both! We’re so blessed to have you guys as a J&A Couple!  Hugs to you both!! <3



A huge shout out to these amazing vendors who Haley and Matt’s dream for their wedding day come true!

Wedding Venue: Meadow Creek Farm

Coordinator: Helping Hands Parties & Weddings

Dress Boutique: White Dresses Boutique

Hair Artist: Oh Darling Event Hair and Makeup

Makeup Artist: Oh Darling Event Hair and Makeup

Florals: In Bloom

Officiant: Don Wahlman

Ceremony Music: Winslow Davis

Catering: The Chef Next Door

Cake Artist: Old Vienna

Specialty Drinks: Premium Shakers

Band: Brother 2 Brother

Rentals: All Needz

  1. Mary Etta Wright says:

    OMG! Haley was such a beautiful bride! Your pictures captured her beauty and sweetness.

  2. Heather Locklar says:

    Joel and Amber – you guys are the best! The pictures turned out beautiful and you captured the day perfectly.

  3. Ashley Johnson says:

    BEAUTIFUL pictures!!!!!

  4. Meshell says:

    These are amazing! Perfect pictures for a perfect wedding!

  5. Vanna says:

    I somehow made it through the wedding not shedding many tears, but these brought them all back up! Thank you for making us happy during the pictures so I didn’t ball my eyes out!

  6. Lindsey says:

    What an incredibly beautiful wedding! These pictures captured it perfectly!!! Much love to Matt & Haley!!!

  7. Terrie Gentry says:

    Absolutely gorgeous photos! Such an important part of the whole event! Capturing the beautiful memories, and Joel and Amber did that perfectly! Love – Aunt Terrie

  8. Hunter Dupree says:

    Awesome night! So happy for you! Great pics!

  9. Eric Gentry says:

    Great pics! Great wedding. We had fun.

  10. Kathryn Infinger says:

    Oh my gosh! HALEY! It looks like the most incredible day. How beautiful. Congratulations!

  11. Katie taylor says:

    I love the pictures they are amazing!

  12. Anna Kate Stone says:

    Gorgeous couple and gorgeous photos!

  13. Natalie Sparks says:

    Meeting Joel and Amber was a pleasure! They were so professional and friendly! These pictures are beautiful! Matt And Haley are such a wonderful couple. I just knew this wedding would be like a fairy tale!

  14. Melissa Headley says:

    These are gorgeous!!! Love, Love. Love them!!!!!

  15. Summer Warren says:

    These are beautiful!!!! They capture the whole day wonderfully!

  16. Julie Fischer says:

    Gorgeous photos of a beautiful day!

  17. Katie Lemons says:

    I can’t believe how fast you got your pictures back! They are so beautiful!!! It was such a perfect day for your wedding!

  18. Kristen Gentle says:

    Love these!! They are perfect!!

  19. Missy Jarrett says:

    Beautiful bride, beautiful wedding, and beautiful pictures! We are so happy for you!

  20. Lindsey Tibbs says:

    These pictures are beautiful! Such a fun and gorgeous wedding!

  21. Katie Beaver says:

    Love all of these pictures! You are gorgeous and Matt is so handsome!!!

  22. Chelsea says:

    Pictures are very beautiful!!

  23. Carmen says:

    Beautiful day, beautiful wedding, beautiful couple and beautiful pictures!

  24. Lynn Olive says:

    This was by far the prettiest wedding I have ever been to and the pictures captured it so well. Haley was such a beautiful bride. I know Haley and Matt will enjoy looking back on these pictures for many many years to come. Fantastic job!

  25. Olivia Hunt says:

    Love this couple!!! These pictures are beautiful!!

  26. Randy says:

    Congrats! So happy for y’all!

  27. Sandy says:

    Gorgeous pictures!

  28. C. F. Locklar says:

    Makes a father very proud and amber a Joel. You have a gift of making people at ease even on a special day like this. Thanks so much for your skill, your sense of beauty and your professionalism

  29. Jamie Flanagan says:

    Absolutely gorgeous couple inside and out! Their wedding was perfect! Haley looked amazing in her dress and Matt looked very handsome! I am so glad that alex and I got to be a part of your special day! To a lifetime of happiness! Who knows my wedding may be next!

  30. Charlotte says:


  31. Melissa says:


  32. Linda says:

    Beautiful photos of a perfect day! Thank you for sharing. Joel and Amber, you were fabulous. You were discreet but still captured the wedding and so many special moments.

  33. Valerie says:

    The pictures are amazing! Joel and Amber, I’m so glad I got to meet y’all! Your work is beautiful! Matt and Haley, I’m so happy for y’all.

  34. Matt Headley says:

    These are incredible! Thank you both so much for capturing the memories!!!

  35. Dylan Waters says:

    Love the pix guys. Loved being a part of yall’s day.

  36. Dana Williams says:

    Absolutely Love these amazing Pictures !! Such a beautiful couple ! ❤

  37. Kristi Beatty says:

    Gorgeous pictures!!!

  38. Amy Morse says:

    A beautiful wedding, a perfect day, stunning flowers and wonderful people. It was a great celebration, captured in these lovely pictures.

  39. Mallory Banks says:

    These pictures capture the essence of Haley and Matt’s love for one another! So glad I got to witness it in person as well!

  40. Eli says:

    Such a wonderful pair of photographers. Y’all made the pictures such a blast and they all look beautiful! This wedding was nothing short of perfection.

  41. Karen Taylor says:

    These pictures were amazing! Congrats Haley and Matt!

  42. Matt D says:

    Amazing photographers and an amazing wedding! Very happy to be a part of the day!!

  43. Martin says:

    Joel and Amber you guys were awesome to work with! Glad I was able to be a part of this incredible wedding!

  44. Noel Jaworski says:

    So beautiful! Congrats again guys.!

  45. Lauren Sliger Garrard says:

    All of these photos are absolute beautiful! Haley you are a beyond gorgeous bride! Matt you don’t look bad yourself ;) wishing you both all the happiness in the world!!

  46. Martha Locklar says:

    Beautiful pictures of a magical day! Thanks Joell and Amber!

  47. Jennifer Melendez says:

    Beautiful moments captured for a beautiful couple. Prayers for a lifetime of love worth fighting for, good health and family that is rooted in Jesus Christ. Congratulations!

  48. Kay Jones says:

    My beautiful niece and her handsome husband! Great pictures of a wonderful day!

  49. Laura Lee says:

    Wow!!! Beautiful pics. They really captured emotions and feelings and are just really great. My fave is the last one-very GWTW.

  50. Kyle Jackson says:

    Joel and Amber were great and made it a lot of fun. Beautiful pictures that captured a beautiful wedding.

  51. Emily Parker says:

    These are absolutely beautiful! Lovely couple and amazing pictures!

  52. Lori Quick says:

    From the engagement session to the last photo of the wedding and reception you were able to catch looks and special memories to last a lifetime. Haley and Matt are such a special couple. You were able to show that in each photo taken. Beautiful bride and handsome groom.

  53. mary renfroe says:

    Joel and Amber great job of capturing beautiful day
    Matt and Haley it was beautiful
    Treasure these!

  54. Britt Morris says:

    Love it!

  55. Cordero Watkins says:

    Such beautiful pictures. I’m so glad I got to witness this in person.

  56. Mary Heard says:

    Haley and Matt,

    Such a beautiful couple and wedding! What great photos to commemorate such a special day! You looked beautiful Haley! I hate that I wasn’t able to be there, but I was able to live vicariously through these pictures :) Cheers to your future! Xoxo

  57. Rita says:

    You’re pictures were breath taking! Everything and every picture was dreamy, just as such a special occasion should be. Gorgeous, authentic and glamorous. Loved them

  58. Richel Albright says:

    Gorgeous pictures of such a perfect day!

  59. Ricky Headley says:

    Beautiful pictures!

  60. Stephen Syler says:

    These are great.

  61. Pam griffin says:

    Such a beautiful couple and stunning pictures!! Thanks for sharing!

  62. Myna Sowell says:

    What beautiful photos!!

  63. Dusty Griffin says:

    What great pics! Beautiful couple!

  64. Chelsey Adams says:

    These pics are stunning! What a beautiful couple!

  65. Tommy says:

    Amazing pictures!

  66. Brittney says:

    These are such great pictures! I love her dress & hair

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