Destination: Gothenburg Sweden!

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Apr 18, 2017

This week we’re sharing a glimpse into our adventure to Gothenburg, Sweden! (To hear the story of how we ended up spending our January in Sweden, check out our Destination: Copenhagen!) Scandinavia winters are cold and dark, but it was 100% worth packing a few extra layers into our suitcases. It’s such a breath-taking place!

Gothenburg was home base for our time in Scandinavia. While Joel headed off to meetings during the day, I’d pack up my laptop and head off to my favorite coffee shop for the morning! Being able to take my work on the road is an incredible blessing that we are so thankful for. So snuggling into a storybook coffee shop in Sweden to work at my dream job? Yes, yes, yes!

Sweden is really far north, so even the few hours of daylight felt dark in the middle of winter. It was an interesting experience!

I did make sure to take a couple afternoons off to explore this beautiful city! My top 3 favorite Gothenburg adventures:

1. Walking down street after street of cobblestone streets, epic cafes, luxury shopping, and gorgeous buildings.

Seriously. Can you make a downtown city any more beautiful? I wandered for hours just popping in and out of designer boutiques and cafes that sold the most scrumptious croissants. Not to mention the markets that sold cheese, bread, chocolates, and every other artisan deliciousness! Mmm…

2. The park! Slottsskogen is this amazing park in the city with a zoo. And penguins. And reindeer!

The park has been there since 1874 and was inspired by Hyde Park in London. It’s somewhere around 350 acres of winding paths, trees, botanical gardens, and Nordic animals in specially designed areas.

3. The picturesque coffee shops. Please tell me this one didn’t surprise you. ;)

We had a lot of coffee during our Scandinavian adventure, and Gothenburg was no exception to the epic coffee scene. Joel had found da Matteo earlier in his trip, and it very quickly became my go-to spot to get a few hours of work done in the mornings. da Matteo has been around for over 20 years and played a role in changing the world’s coffee culture.

So without further ado, I present a glimpse into my top 3 favorite adventures in Gothenburg!

Skogren are reindeer! :) You have to look hard to find them in the next picture, but I can now check it off my bucket list!

That was my view in the mornings! I adopted one of the little side tables and hung out on my laptop, delicious latte in hand (no vanilla over there! They don’t do flavors!).

I’m so glad you came along on our little winter exploration! If you had told me a few months ago that we’d be hanging out in Sweden in the middle of January, I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t have believed you. One of our goals for this year is to take these opportunities when they come, and I’m so glad I braved a Scandinavian January to experience life over there!



This is their version of a bread basket at some of the restaurants. It tasted a lot different!

Gothenburg is home to Volvo, so Joel took a quick side trip to go check out the Volvo museum!

And this one is made of LEGOS!

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