A Mocha For Your Tuesday: Love Is Always Evolving

A Mocha For Your Tuesday

Apr 11, 2017

I love to dream in fairytales, but even fairytales have bumps in the road. I have a hard time assuming that Cinderella never disagreed with Prince Charming over how to run that kingdom. It’s just the part of the story you don’t always hear.

Kind of like happily ever after love. We hear the newlyweds who are head over heels in bliss, and we hear about the relationships that just didn’t work out.

But happily ever love is bigger than either of those.

Love is always evolving. It’s moving. You can see that already in the earliest stages of your relationship. Emotions ebb and flow – you can expect that in life, and you can expect it in love.

And happily ever after? Happily ever after happens when you stick with it. Love mellows, it gets deeper, and it changes. I believe love is different after 50 years of working on it, but it’s no less beautiful than the love we get to see at every wedding we photograph.

Expect your love to change – and pay attention to make sure you let it change in a way that strengthens your relationship. You won’t always feel gushy in love. At some point, it’s going to get tough. But sticking it out and knowing that your love will only get deeper?

Happily ever after doesn’t end when Cinderella finds her prince. That’s when it’s just getting started.

And it’s something worth fighting for.



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