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Don’t Be A Coaster. Grab Your Hardhat and Build It.

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Mar 10, 2020

Marriage Tips //Building A Stronger Marriage // Huntsville Wedding Photographers

“…if you’re coasting, you’re going downhill…I think we can fall into reactionary patterns in relationships rather than understanding they’re things we build and nurture and grow.”

~Donald Miller, Scary Close

Donald Miller’s book, Scary Close, is full of gold nuggets! Here he’s talking about what it means to nurture a relationship in an active way.

I’ve heard before that there’s no such thing as sitting still in a relationship. You’re always moving, always going somewhere. If you’re not building it, it’s slowly backtracking. It’s like any relationship, really.

What really got me about this statement was thinking about the reactionary patterns. As time rolls by and the realities of a busy life continue to come in waves, it’s so easy to react.

Reacting in a relationship means you just take it all as it comes. Arguments come and apologies follow. You settle into a comfortable weekday routine. Things happen and you figure them out as you go.

But when’s the last time you sat down and really talked about what you want your marriage to look like? Asked how you could make your spouse feel even more loved? What you could do that would help turn your relationship into something that sparkles even more?

It takes so much time, energy, and intentional effort to build a strong marriage. I think most of us have reactionary relationships without even realizing it because there might not be any red flags that something’s wrong. And maybe there’s not anything wrong! But could it be even better?

Think about your relationship and the last time you did something intentional to build your marriage in new ways. Is this something you can do now?

Marriage is worth fighting for!


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