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COVID-19: A Guide When Postponing Your Wedding


Mar 23, 2020

Wedding Day Tips // Wedding Planning During The Coronavirus Pandemic // Photographers in Huntsville Alabama

As we cheered and planned with so many spring brides throughout these past few months, none of us ever dreamed we’d be facing such challenging decisions just a few short weeks later. As the Coronavirus pandemic has taken the world by storm, life seems to be put on hold.

No bride wants to face these really hard decisions. Postpone? And to when? What new dates are even available to consider? Do we have a family ceremony now and a reception later, or do we move the whole enchilada? What about all our honeymoon reservations?

So many questions, so many decisions, and so many unknowns. Our hearts are truly going out to all of you brides and grooms who have to make an ultimate decision.

It seems like almost everything we see and hear now somehow involves the coronavirus. Yet with everything out there, it can be hard to find real answers to these very real problems.

If you’re a bride who’s facing the decision to postpone, cancel, or wait it out and decide later, I wanted to share a great resource with some practical things to consider.

Protocol from a professional wedding planner!

Our friend Erica at Helping Hand Parties & Weddings put together a Coronavirus Protocol that’s packed with things to consider. I was planning to put together my own collection of advice for this blog post, but then I came across the protocol Erica created! I think she did an outstanding job here and walked through the steps very thoughtfully.

If you’re a bride trying to figure out how to handle all this, take this all one step at a time. It’s a process, and that’s okay! There are so many unknowns right now. Just make the best decisions you can with the knowledge you currently have. If things change in the future, you can change course and readjust to stay with the flow.

We’re here for you!

We’re on the front lines for so many of our spring brides, trying to help them work through this. If you’re a bride out there and need some encouragement, decision confirmation, guidance, or anything else, we hope you’ll feel comfortable reaching out to us!

This is a time when we all need to support each other and stand together. It’s a hard and uncertain time for brides, grooms, wedding vendors, and so many others. Your wedding vendors are there to help you make sense of it all and figure out a plan moving forward.

Facing this decision to postpone, cancel, or change the vision for your wedding day is daunting and stressful. There’s nothing easy about it. I try to step back and look at the bigger picture. What a very interesting story you’ll have to share at your 50th wedding anniversary party!

All this coronavirus craziness can take away your original wedding date, your carefully laid out plans, and your perfect vision, but it can’t take away your love. It can’t take away your commitment to each other or the fact that you’ll get married, whether now or later.

Here’s to standing stronger!


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