6 Things You Should Be Delegating On The Wedding Day!


Apr 20, 2017

Oh, sweet brides! I’m talking to you, Type A girls. I’m right there with you, and it’s hard. So, so hard. That thing called delegation. And delegating on the wedding day? Even harder.

You know how you want it done and it seems so much easier just to do it yourself. Maybe you don’t want to bother someone else by asking them to do it for you. Maybe “delegation” just isn’t really in your vocab (that was me until just a few months ago…)

Today we’re talking about something big on the J&A Blog. It’s that delegation thing. We’re sharing 6 things that you need to delegate to others on the wedding day. I promise it will be worth it. Your job is to soak in every single wonderful memory – not spend the day setting out wedding favors! :)

1. Setting up the reception venue

Place cards, wedding favors, center pieces, etc, etc. You shouldn’t have to be running back and forth, trying to tell people where things belong! You have more important things to think about. :) If you don’t have a professional reception coordinator, ask one friend to be in charge of the reception set up. Show her where everything goes before the wedding day. You can even do a practice set up and snap a few pictures for her reference.

2. Directing vendors as they arrive

Sometimes when vendors arrive, they need to know where to set up, if there are any venue restrictions, or where they can hide their equipment. If a venue coordinator is not on hand, ask a friend to watch for vendors and direct them where they need to be. If there are any outstanding payments due, this person can also take care of payments and tips.

3. Transporting decor items from the ceremony site to the reception venue

Many brides will use the same floral pieces at the ceremony and the reception. Assign a few trusted friends to grab decor, programs, and other items on their way out. Make sure they know what to do with them when they arrive at the reception! :)

4. Assisting guests as they arrive

The program attendant will be busy with programs, and the ushers need to be focused on their roles. Ask a friend to be on hand near the front door to be available to assist your guests. Things like where to put the gifts, how to find the restrooms, and other such questions are things she should be prepared to answer.

5. Getting your stuff from one place to another

From getting ready at the hotel, to the ceremony site, to the reception venue, and out to your car for the Grand Exit – there are a lot of places to haul your stuff! Put a bridesmaid or two in charge of making sure all your stuff gets from one place to the next. Your maid of honor will be busy being your right hand girl, so delegate to a couple other bridesmaids instead.

6. Cleaning up after the reception

Most couples don’t stay to clean up after the wedding, but think about delegating a few extra tasks to take the load off your family! Not sure what to do with all the centerpieces? Ask a few friends to deliver them to a nursing home or hospital the next day. Need the tuxes returned? You might have a friend who lives near the men’s boutique who will be more than happy to drop them off.

Bonus Tip: That doesn’t mean your mom!

You want to take as much of the responsibility off your mom as you can! Moms are so amazingly helpful and are absolutely priceless when it comes to the wedding day, but it’s important for her to enjoy the day, too! Give your mom the gift of being able to spend the day with you – as well as with so many family and friends who will be gathered together.

Do you have a task that you wish you had handed over to someone else on the wedding day? Tell us in the comments below!

Here’s to being present in the moment!



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