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Stuck at Home? Don’t Waste It For Your Marriage!

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Mar 31, 2020

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Life is looking a whole lot different these days. Unless you’re an employee of what’s considered an essential job (and we’re thankful for you!), chances are you’re stuck at home. More people are teleworking than ever.

As I write this, we’re going on about 3 weeks of social isolation. Have you ever spent that many days at home together with nowhere to go? Everything is closed. No Top Golf or Local Taco date nights. Just Netflix and 1000 piece puzzles. And the kids – all day, every day.

All the stress of a sudden change in routine, options, and social interaction makes a difference in relationships. How is it affecting your relationship with your spouse?

Don’t Waste It!

For some couples, this is dreamy. Spending all day together, sipping 11am coffee and working together on the couch. For others, this is a real test of patience. Different expectations, added stress, and weariness of this strange life we’re currently living makes so much time together a little less palatable.

See this time as an opportunity. You probably have more free time now than ever, even if you have kids. Don’t waste it!

How can you invest this time to come out stronger on the other side?

  • Read a marriage book together.
  • Plan a screenless 2 hours to sit on the couch and talk about how you can support each other more when “real” life starts up again.
  • Find a Bible study that walks through what the Bible says on marriage.
  • Invest in an online marriage course.
  • Every day, intentionally find 10 ways you can show your spouse how much you appreciate them.

In the midst of every challenge are opportunities to learn, to grow, and to come back stronger. Even when society has shut down, we have power over our choices. How are you going to use your time?

Here’s to investing our time to build stronger marriages!


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