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7 Fresh Ideas For Your Bride and Groom Gift Exchange


Apr 18, 2019

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There’s a sweet wedding day tradition that we’re going to talk about: exchanging bride and groom gifts.

Whether it’s that bottle of expensive perfume she’s been dreaming about or a simple handwritten note, the memories are what make this gift exchange magical. Even if it doesn’t feel like a big deal during the wedding planning, you’re going to be really thankful for it years down the road.

If I could go back to our own wedding day, we would definitely have exchanged handwritten notes and tokens celebrating the occasion. It’s one of the things I see so many of our couples do and wish we had thought about it!

Fresh ideas for your gift exchange

We’ve seen some pretty cool gifts from our couples! Price tags range from free to several hundred dollars, but they’re all just as meaningful. Here are some of our favorites, inspired by our J&A Couples!

1. Red Land Cotton Sheets

From cotton grown in the red clay of North Alabama, this Moulton, Alabama shop is nationally renown. (In fact, my mom called me one day after a cotton conference my parents attended (my dad’s a farmer) and told me all about these amazing cotton sheets from a place called Red Land somewhere in Alabama.)

These high quality, epic sheet sets are such a great gift idea.

2. Custom engraved watch

Any super cool watch makes a great gift – especially for the groom – but the engraving is what makes it. From a simple message to something really clever, you can add a spark of personality to this gift through your engraving!

3. An excursion or event during the honeymoon

Plan an extra honeymoon surprise, and wrap up a note or picture telling her about it. It could be swimming with the dolphins, a sunset cruise, or a romantic dinner in a really fancy restaurant. Whatever you know she’ll love, make it extra special!

4. A collection of love notes and memories

You can go the scrapbook route or turn it into something digital. During your engagement, create a collection of notes, pictures, and memories to put together for a wedding day gift. The notes can be text or emails you write to each other throughout the months, or ones that you write specifically for your collection. You can’t go wrong!

5. Mementoes from special occasions during your relationship

This is one of my favorites! Pick up a collection of items that are packed with meaning from different points in your relationship – like this mug from the restaurant where our bride and groom had their first date.

6. “Thinking of you” gifts throughout the day

Arrange to have special gifts sent to your bride (or groom) throughout the wedding day:

~Flowers for her getting ready suite

~A basket filled with a selection of his favorite snacks and drinks

~Mimosas or coffee during hair and makeup with her girls

~A whole series of hand-written notes that you have the MOH or BM deliver at specific times (like first thing in the morning, right before the first look, just before the ceremony)

7. A signature scent

Gift a fancy new perfume or cologne! There are so many powerful memories associated with the sense of smell. Every time you smell that scent, you’ll remember your wedding day.

The handwritten note

Even if you do nothing else, share a note to each other! You can choose to read it together after the First Look, or you can have them delivered before you see each other.

Your photographer will be able to set you up in a quiet, private place with pretty light to capture the emotion of the moment. To me, these are some of the most memorable and beautiful moments of the wedding day.

How about you?

Did you do a bride and groom gift exchange at your wedding? How about fresh, creative ideas? Tell us about it in the comments below so you can share your ideas with other brides!



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