7 Tips for Feeling Confident In Front of the Camera


Mar 1, 2018

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I remember what it was like.

As a bride, I couldn’t wait to have wedding day pictures of my very own. To experience the moment of looking through my wedding day gallery for the first time. To print and frame my most favorite wedding day portraits.

But…I was so nervous.

I had never really had a professional photo session before. And this was back in the day before cell phones had good cameras. Cell phone pictures were blurry and social media was barely out of the “college kids only on Facebook” stage. Selfies weren’t really a thing yet.

I mean, remember this?

Image compliments of Google, memories compliments of Nokia.

Along with the normal wedding day jitters, I had the I-have-no-idea-what-to-do-in-front-of-the-camera jitters. Where do I put my hands? Will my smile look real? Is my hair going to turn frizzy without my knowing it?

The struggle is real. And I’m willing to guess that you might have a few of those wedding day picture jitters, too.

The good news?

You can knock the wedding day picture jitters right off your wedding day checklist because we’re here to help!

Extra bonus – these tips work for engagement sessions, family sessions, and pretty much anytime you’re going to be in front of the camera!

Today we’re sharing 7 tips for feeling confident in front of the camera. With just a little prep, you can rock the camera with confidence – and have a blast doing it!

1. Find a photographer you feel comfortable with.

I totally acknowledge that this point comes up in quite a few of my blog posts. I get to see firsthand how important it is! When you hire a photographer that you trust, you like as a person, and who creates images you absolutely love, it makes you rock the camera.


When you trust your photographers to get amazing pictures, you naturally relax. You like being around them, so your smiles are real and you’re comfortable with what they’re having you do.

And you already know that you absolutely love their work, so you’ll be able to feel confident that the pictures of you will be just as amazing.

2. Splurge on professional hair and makeup.

It’s so worth it. There’s just something about professional hair and makeup that give you so much confidence in front of the camera.

I’ve been in front of the camera for many sessions, and I can personally attest to the fact that the above statement is true. Especially when it comes to your wedding and engagement pictures, it will be well worth it!

3. Tell your photographer if there is anything you’re especially self-conscious of.

While we’re trained in all the tricks of making you look flattering in front of the camera, it helps us to know if there’s one thing you really want us to watch out for.

But once you tell her, hand it over to your photographer and relax! Don’t spend your whole session worrying about it! Relax, focus on your attention on your new spouse, and enjoy the moments!

4. Schedule an engagement session with your wedding photographer!

We have a whole list of reasons why engagement sessions are such an incredible part of the full wedding photography experience, and this is one of the top reasons.

During the engagement session, you have a chance to really get comfortable with each other before the wedding day. You’ll get the hang of your photographer’s posing and shooting style. Your photographer will get some insight into creating very genuine pictures for you on your wedding day.

5. Focus intentionally on relaxing in front of the camera.

It’s easy to tense up without really knowing about it. A couple tricks?

Take a deep breath and let it out. You’ll feel your shoulders and core automatically relax.

Laugh and be yourselves. Being in front of the camera is all about catching your genuine emotions and personality, not moving from one “perfect pose” to the next.

6. Be confident with yourself.

You look amazing! You really honestly and truly do. Almost all of us (especially us girls) struggle with feeling less-than. I’m not enough. Not beautiful enough. Not skinny enough. Arms that jiggle. Thighs that rub together. A nose that’s too big or too small.

But will you listen to this?

You are beautiful because you are you. You are unique and God made you with purpose. None of us are perfect. Did you hear that? Nobody. People love you the way you are, and I promise that they don’t care nearly as much as you think about that one thing you’re negatively obsessing over.

Find joy in being you.

7. Remember your one job.

Your job literally is to have fun. The photographer is going to be thinking about lighting, posing, angles, location, etc. Let go and let them do their thing while you just enjoy living these moments!

The anticipation of something unknown is usually so much more stressful than the actual event itself. Don’t let the anticipation of the unknown stress you out. It’s going to be amazing, I promise.

To put all this into one memorable sentence:

Laughing and enjoying this once-in-a-lifetime experience with each other while your favorite photographer is coaching you through the session will give you the confidence that you are beautiful – and that you’re rocking this picture thing.



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