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We all know how much Joel and I love cake. It’s our joke that we got into wedding photography because we would be able to eat cake at every reception. :) Coming from the midwest, it took a little adjustment to get used to decorating my cakes with southern “icing” instead of  the midwest’s “frosting”. I […]

Aug 4, 2016


Forgive quickly. This is so, so important in a marriage! Not many things will destroy a relationship faster than grudges. And don’t just “forgive”. You need to forgive with your heart. It’s easy to keep a list in your memory of the ways your spouse has wronged you, ready to bring up at an opportune […]

Jul 26, 2016


After sharing our 4-part series of 2015’s favorite stories, we’re excited to be back today with another Tidbit! :) Today’s Tidbit is a quick tip that is super easy to do, but can have a powerful impact on making your wedding day go smoothly. Create a contact sheet that lists all the vendors you’ll be […]

Feb 18, 2016


Oh, this fabulous wedding! Jake and Anne love lots of wonderful, nerdy things, and we were able to photograph all kinds of perfect details – Star Wars, Dr Who, custom painted Toms… Jake and Anne have brought so much laughter to our J&A Family. From their super fun engagement session with their two dogs to […]

Aug 20, 2015


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