All the Buttercream! Icing Options for Your Wedding Cake, Featuring Pixie Dust Cake Designs


Aug 4, 2016

We all know how much Joel and I love cake. It’s our joke that we got into wedding photography because we would be able to eat cake at every reception. :)

(American Buttercream wedding cake created by Pixie Dust Cake Designs)

Coming from the midwest, it took a little adjustment to get used to decorating my cakes with southern “icing” instead of  the midwest’s “frosting”. I hear it’s an ongoing debate. There’s a technical difference between the two, but traditions run deep!
To celebrate our love for wedding cake, we’re sharing a little Tidbit today on different types of frosting you can choose for your wedding cake. We had our good friend Linda at Pixie Dust Cake Designs share her sweet knowledge with us today!

1. Fondant and buttercream are the two things we always hear about. What are some other icing options for wedding cakes?
American Buttercream: a sweet buttercream, similar to what you see on birthday cakes.
Traditional Swiss Meringue Buttercream: a light,silky and smooth buttercream. It’s perfect for someone who prefers something a little less sweet.
Pixie Dust Cake Design Swiss Meringue Buttercream: our twist on the Traditional Swiss Meringue Buttercream. It offers you the same light,silky and smooth buttercream but but with a touch of sweetness.
Ganache: dark or white chocolate. This can be used as both an icing and a filling or just as an icing.
2. What situations/cakes work best for each of these icing options?
All of these will melt in hot weather. These icings are made with butter, egg whites or chocolate. This is why I don’t recommend having a cake outside during warm months. I also recommend that the inside room temp gets no higher than 72 degrees.
If you do want to display your cake at an outdoor reception, Fondant and American Buttercream would be your best option. Wait until the last possible moment before placing your cake out for display.
They all sound good to us! :) Thanks again to Pixie Dust Cake Designs for sharing and for creating these gorgeous cakes that we got to photograph!

*hugs and chocolate cake*

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