Meredith & Lucas // Elegant Fall Wedding With A View


Oct 24, 2019

Wedding at The View Burritt on the Mountain // Wedding Photographers in Huntsville, Alabama

On a perfect fall day, with a stunning view of Huntsville in the valley below, Meredith & Lucas exchanged their vows. Burritt on the Mountain is an epic Huntsville venue, and this view is one of our favorite reasons!

We first met Meredith as the sister of our J&A Bride (and now friend!), Olivia. Our hearts were so joyful when we got an email from Meredith, and we had the opportunity to welcome her as one of our brides, as well! These sisters are the sweetest ever. Capturing both their wedding days was an absolute joy x 2!

Can you tell I was so happy in this moment?!!

Grace and Strength

One of my favorite things about Meredith and Lucas is their easy-going, happy natures. All day long, they just soaked in the moments and enjoyed the experience. Watching them interact with each other during portraits brought a smile to my face!

Meredith encompasses so much grace and poise. Lucas exudes strength and confidence. They’re a dynamic duo. Sharing the wedding day with them was so special!

The Dream Team

Meredith and Lucas chose a stellar team of wedding vendors! When Meredith sent back her vendor questionnaire earlier in our planning process, I just may have let out an audible squeal of delight.

The wonderful Jeannie of Wedding By Jeannie is not only a coordinator, but she also works magic with flowers, AND is the mother-in-law of our bride, Olivia. Working with her is always such a treat for us!

Meredith’s beauty shone with the talented touch of the transformation. Her simple, yet very elegant dress from Bella’s Bridal was absolutely stunning on the bride.

Anytime we work with our friends at Awaken Films, an extra big smile hit our faces. We can’t wait to see that wedding film! Meredith and Lucas added so many special little touches to their decor with signs, koozies, and the cake topper created by Z Create Design, Rich Design Co, Gracious Bridal Design House, and Laser Trees.

After the stunning ceremony with a view, the party started with the top-notch Metropolitan DJ. Guests feasted on a display by our sweet Amanda at Endless Catering, then finished with the choice of Lynn’s Cakes. All Needz rounded out the team with their great rentals!

One of Our Favorite Memories

That evening, we stood on the overlook with Meredith and Lucas and experienced one of the most s.t.u.n.n.i.n.g. sunsets. We did a little switcharoo-ing of the schedule to make sure we squeezed in a few sunset portraits for Meredith and Lucas before the sun dipped below the horizon.

And dipped it did. The moment was absolutely magical. After we took several portraits, we put down our cameras. A moment like that needs to be fully experienced. Meredith and Lucas stood together on the overlook, arms around each other, looking out across the valley.

As the red-gold ball of brilliance gracefully drifted down and out of sight, I remember thinking to myself that it was a wedding day moment they’ll never forget. I think that every time they see a sunset like that, it will transport them back to this magical moment.

Enjoy a little sneak peek into Meredith & Lucas’s wedding day at Burritt on the Mountain!

Meredith & Lucas – it was a joy and a blessing to be by your sides! You light up with you’re together, you complement each other, and you have so much to offer the world. Here’s to years and years of watching the sun dip below the horizon and remembering the day you became husband and wife. Hugs to you both!



A shout out to these amazing vendors!

Venue: Burritt on the Mountain
Coordinator: Weddings by Jeannie
Photography: Joel & Amber Photography
Videography: Awaken Films
Dress Shop: Bella’s Bridal
Hair and Makeup Artist: The Transformation
Florals: Nip and Tuck
Tuxes: Mr Burch Mountain Brook
Paper Suite: Minted
Officiant: Pastor Paul Cheshier
Ceremony Music: Metropolitan DJ
Catering: Endless Catering
Cake Artist: Lynn’s Cakes
Koozies: GB Design House
Program Welcome Sign: Z Create Design
Guestbook/Unplugged Sign: Rich Design Co
Cake Topper: Laser Trees
DJ: Metropolitan DJ
Rentals: All Needz

This moment will live forever.
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    As a member of the wedding party, I have never had a more pleasant experience with the photographers. Joel and Amber were perfectly coordinated and very polite throughout the whole day. Never once did either of them get frustrated like so many wedding photographers easily can. The shots are pristine and I would highly recommend them.

  3. Haley says:

    Love these pictures and this couple!!! Great job!

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