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Best of 2020: Engagement Sessions


Jan 26, 2021

Best Engagement Session Portraits // Wedding Photographers in Huntsville, Alabama

Engagement sessions – what a fun thing they are!! Not only do our couples get beautiful, heartfelt pictures that capture this unique time in their relationship, but we get to spend an entire hour learning about them and their relationship. We have a fun opportunity to draw out genuine emotion to add sparkle to their “perfect pose”. There’s nothing better than for your engagement pictures to feel like “you”!

And let me tell you, we have THE best couples. I don’t even know how we could be so blessed with the sweetest, kindest, most thoughtful couples every single year, but God sends them our way. We really get to bond at the engagement session, and it makes the wedding day sooooo special!

Now that you’ve seen our Best Of 2020 series: Part 1 with Wedding Portraits and Part 2 with the fun In-Between Moments, we’re sharing a few of our top favorite engagement session pictures. It’s always so hard to choose! I finally narrowed it down to pictures that are bursting with emotion or had a really fun background. Most of these had both!

Engagement Photos With Genuine Connection

Looking through my favorites list, I discovered that my favorite pictures usually have them looking at each other! We do a variety of poses with our couples looking somewhere other than each other, but I think these really highlight what it’s all about!

As soon as they look at each other, real emotion bursts out. It’s where the bride lights up with a smile that dazzles her face or the groom gets a super soft, tender look on his face. That’s what we’re going for! We love genuine emotion over here, and what better highlights that emotion than the one you love?!

Engagement sessions are one of our favorite parts of the engagement season. Every one is a treasured memory for both our couples and for us, and we’re excited to share a few peeks into a J&A engagement session! :)

Best Engagement Session Photos of 2020


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