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3 Tips on Keeping Your Feet Happy at Your Reception!


Feb 25, 2016

Wedding shoes are gorgeous. I absolutely love photographing wedding shoes. They’re so romantic, and they bring images of a dancing Cinderella floating through my imagination as I style them so the light splashes at just the right angle.


So beautiful.

But what if those Cinderella shoes are not quite as comfortable as they are breath-taking?

Here are 3 tips to help you make your wedding shoe adventure a comfy success!

  1. Practice wearing your wedding shoes several weeks before the wedding. The last thing you want to do is wear them for the first time on the wedding day and discover how many blisters come from brand-new fancy shoes. :) To keep them in pristine condition, wear them around the house for several hours at a time. Just make sure you don’t wait until the week before the wedding – if you get any blisters, you want to give yourself time to break the shoes in and heal the blisters before your big day!
  2. Switch out your Cinderella shoes for something more comfortable at the reception. Many brides trade beauty for classy comfort so they can dance the night away. Consider some white satin ballet slippers or a nice pair of your old-faithful shoes for the hours you’ll be on your feet.
  3. Consider ditching the towering high heels for something that makes your personality shine! Don’t be afraid to style the perfect pair of Converse down the aisle instead.


An extra tip: Think about getting little high heel protectors for both you and your bridesmaids if you plan on taking outdoor pictures. Not only will it help keep your heels clean and pristine, it will make it less likely that you’ll sink into the ground if it’s soft after a sweet summer rain shower. Just make sure you test them out well in advance to make sure they’re the right fit for your shoes.

Here’s to happy, comfy wedding day feet!


Do you have any comfy wedding shoe tips that worked well for you? Share in the comments below!



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