Michelle & Tim // Spring Wedding at The Padgett Place


May 5, 2022

Soft Neutral Spring Wedding at The White Barn at The Padgett Place // Wedding Photographers in Huntsville, Alabama

There was so much to love about this gorgeous spring wedding at The White Barn at Padgett Place! During the planning process, Michelle and I bonded over our love for details and thinking things through. Walking into the venue on the wedding morning was a thrill! Seeing all the thoughtful touches pulled together to create an absolute dream of a wedding day had me doing a little celebration dance!

The White Barn at Padgett Place is a new venue here in Huntsville, and it did not disappoint! Michelle and Tim chose an elegant theme with whites, neutrals, and greenery. I loved the elevated simplicity of it all. There’s a beautiful lake on the venue grounds, complete with a golf cart to whisk us away to the Gazebo. Most of the day had a light cloud cover, which gave us a lot of flexibility with portrait locations! That always makes things fun.

Favorite Wedding Day Details

So many! My favorite definitely has to be Winnie the dog. She was a star! We brought her out for some pre-ceremony portraits and she handled it like a pro. So cute in her little collar!

Michelle incorporated several family pieces into her wedding day, such as her grandma’s hand-embroidered handkerchief and Tim’s traditional baby-bonnet-turned-handkerchief. I especially loved her diamond and ruby ring. It belonged to her grandmother and was incredibly special to Michelle.

The bagpipes and apple cider doughnuts! These were nods to Tim’s heritage and couldn’t have been more perfect. You know we love a good bagpiper at a wedding, and celebrating Tim’s Irish heritage in that way was super fun. His family is from Connecticut and love those hometown apple cider doughnuts. I didn’t get to sample one of them, but they looked amazing. We happen to be headed up to the Northeast this fall, and apple cider doughnuts are going to be high on my list if we swing through Connecticut!

I could keep writing about this amazing wedding and how incredible this couple is, but hopefully these pictures will speak for themselves.

Here’s a little peek into Michelle & Tim’s wedding day at The White Barn at Padgett Place!

Michelle & Tim – thank you for letting us spend all these incredible moments with you! It was an honor to capture your wedding day, and we had the best time. We’re so excited about your new journey together as husband and wife! Congratulations, guys!!


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Wedding Planning Checklist

A shout out to these amazing vendors!

Venue: The White Barn at Padgett Place
Wedding Planner: Ashley @ The Padgett Place
Photography: Joel & Amber Photography
Videography: Awaken Films
Bride’s Dress: The Something Blue Bridal Shoppe
Hair and Makeup: Coterie Salon
Hairpiece and Earrings: Anna Bellagio
Invitation Suite: The Something Blue Shoppe
Florals: Beth Woody Florals
Officiant: Jared Allen
Koozies: ChickDesignBoutique
Catering: Bubba’s Silver Spoon
Cake Artist: Edgar’s Bakery

DJ: Focus Sound & Entertainment
Rentals: Mullins Special Occasions

  1. Beth Massey says:

    Not only beautiful pictures, but talented photographers with the sweetest spirit ever!

    • Kellie Shorter says:

      It was such a beautiful wedding and celebration. So glad we got to be a part of it.
      Kellie and Kevin

  2. tatum edlin says:

    such amazing photographers and a beautiful day!! so happy for tim and michelle

  3. Diane Kennedy says:

    Some of the most beautiful and creative pictures I have ever seen. Settings and poses and all the pictures just wanted to make you see more. Beautiful couple with an amazing wedding Such wonderful memories.

  4. konnor edlin says:

    congrats to tim and michelle! beautiful pictures!

  5. Audrie Comstock says:

    Beautiful pictures! Sweet couple and sweet families!

  6. Molly says:

    Absolutely stunning photos!! They captured the love this day. Such a special memory to have!

  7. Bonnie Howard says:

    Absolutely stunning photos! Congratulations Michelle and Tim!

  8. Matt Comstock says:

    Beautiful pictures. Great work

  9. Jill Stephenson says:

    This was a gorgeous wedding!!! The bride and groom are lovely people!! It was a joy to celebrate them and what beautiful memories you captured for them!!

  10. Katelyn Mcdonald says:

    The most beautiful day!!! Thank you for capturing our best girls special day so perfectly!!

  11. Aksel Comstock says:

    Amazing pictures!

  12. John says:

    Fantastic pictures. We are really pleased in what we have seen so far. Can’t wait to see the rest. The two of you seemed to really enjoy your work and it is reflected in these pictures.

  13. Ashley Thompson says:

    I’m blown away! Y’all are truly amazing. I hope to work with you again SOON! Thank you for being such a huge part in making Tim and Michelle’s day so fabulous and memorable.

    Ashley Thompson
    The White Barn at Padgett Place

  14. Rebecca Guay says:

    Made the bridal party feel so at ease! Couldn’t stop smiling with Joel and Amber, they made the wedding picture process so fun!

  15. Michelle Maher says:

    We couldn’t love you guys more!!! Thanks for being not only fabulous photographers but fabulous people in general!! Can’t wait to see the rest of the photos!!

  16. Claudia says:

    The photographers captured the joy of the day perfectly. Stunning photos of a great young couple.

  17. Gerry says:

    Beautiful pictures! Can’t wait to see more.

  18. Emma says:

    Very nice pictures with a very nice dog!

  19. Tamra Johnson says:

    What a lovely couple and the photos captured every detail perfectly! So excited for you, Michelle and Tim!

  20. Mary Maher says:

    Beyond expectations, these are incredible photos ! They captured the magical evening perfectly.
    So happy for Michelle and Tim!

  21. Jessie says:

    Congrats Michelle and Tim! So many sweet pictures- love that Winnie was there for it too!

  22. Hayden says:

    So gorgeous!!!!!! The most beautiful bride and friend!!! Congrats to the Maher’s + Winnie!!!

  23. Michal M. says:

    Such a perfect day!!! And these pictures turned out even better than imagines!! Of course, I may be biased, but it was two easy points of focus for the day! :) Congrats to the Maher’s!!

  24. Phillis Gaines says:

    You were able to capture the joy and love in every detail of this dreamy day! These memories will last a lifetime!

  25. Patti Kennedy says:

    You found a way to capture every important moment and emotion in these photos. The happiness between Tim and Michelle shows in every picture. Feels like we were there. Xox

  26. Georgina P. Nelson says:

    Such a beautiful wedding and gorgeous pictures!

  27. Regina Pipes says:

    Such a perfect day for a wedding. Everything went so smoothly. The bride and groom looked so at peace and happy. The entire crew did such a great job. The pictures are fantastic.

  28. KK Buck says:

    Cannot get enough of this perfect day! What perfect way to reminisce for all the days to come. I love you two so much!!

  29. Jessica Mayes says:

    These pictures are gorgeous! The joy on the bride and groom’s faces is unmistakable. Congratulations!

  30. Tim says:

    Thank you for helping us capture the moments from our perfect day

  31. Taylor F says:

    Thank you Joel & Amber for the wonderful photos- you both were a joy to work with!

  32. Taylor F says:

    Thank you Joel & Amber for the wonderful photos- you both were a joy to work with! Such a special day.

  33. Farooq Faisal says:

    Such an amazing day celebrating Tim and Michelle! Beautiful pictures for a truly special event!!

  34. Kelly C says:

    A memorable and beautiful day! The photos are such a joy to look at.

  35. NJP says:

    It was a wonderful venue, wedding service, and most importantly couple. Loved seeing those two have such an amazing day.

  36. Sheila Eisenzimmer says:

    What a glorious day! We’ve had the privilege of knowing all the Massey family since before Blake and Michelle were born. We love them all. To see this gathering of love was an honor. Every detail was perfect. The tables, gorgeous gowns, food, the setting was stunning…’all things venue’ were top-drawer! The pictures capture it all perfectly. May God continue to bless Tim & Michelle as they begin their life together. Much love from The Eisenzimmers

  37. Austin says:


  38. Julia says:

    The best day celebrating the most beautiful couple!

  39. Preston says:

    Such a fun wedding!

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    These pictures are amazing! Such a perfect day!

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    What an amazing day

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  44. Jimmy says:

    Congratulations. Your love is so beautiful even in the small glimpses I’ve seen so far. Can’t wait to see all the incredible moments you both share for years to come. Tim, you are a lucky man.

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    Top notch crew. They made it look easy and pictures are fantastic.

  54. Kiley Rikard says:

    These are absolutely gorgeous!!! What a perfect day!

  55. Melissa Thompson says:

    What beautiful photographs to capture such an incredible day! Best wishes to Tim and Michelle!

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    You guys did and amazing job. The pictures really tell how special of a day it was. It was so great talking with them at the wedding. Wonderful couple and very talented photographers.

  57. Rosemary McDonald says:

    Wow what a beautiful day it was!! We are so thankful to know Michelle and watched as she’s grown into the wonderful women she is today. These pictures capture the joy she brings into the world. Congratulations Tim and Michelle!! Beautiful pictures for a beautiful couple!

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