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May 10, 2022

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In both business and in life, I’m a firm believer that little things add up to something much bigger. Relationships are no exception! The little, every day moments impact our marriages more than we could ever realize.

Something I’ve been thinking about recently is the ability we have to highlight the positive characteristics of our spouses. It sure is easy to point out faults and things we wish they would change. Leaving dirty dishes on the counter and spending too much time absorbed in the phone. Forgetting to take the trash out or spending too much eating out. You don’t have to be married long to find a thing or two you find annoying or frustrating.

Why aren’t we better about pointing out things we love?

What would it look like if you saw your wife vacuuming on the weekend and thanked her for being so diligent about keeping your house clean? Or thanked your husband for swinging by to pick up groceries after work instead of spending extra time at the gym? What if you thanked her for the endless hours she spends planning, prepping, and cooking meals night after night?

Let’s make it our goal this week to keep a close watch for things our spouses do that are giving, generous, selfless, or done with a heart of service.

After you’ve been married a while, it’s easy to slip into a routine and take so much for granted. You get comfortable in your roles and begin to expect it instead of seeing the serving heart behind it.

Noticing and pointing out the positive things in our spouse is going to go way further in building your marriage than trying to change things you don’t like. Little by little, these encouraging comments are going to build each other up. It’s going to create a more beautiful and fulfilling relationship.

I’m willing to bet that it will not only encourage your spouse, but also cause you to see him/her in a more positive way. The negative things may even fade into the background as you focus on so many of the things you loved in the first place.


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