Cassie & Landen // Mountaintop Museum Engagement Session


Nov 29, 2019

Burritt on the Mountain Engagement Session // Wedding Photographers in Huntsville, Alabama

Cassie and Landen’s fall engagement session at Burritt on the Mountain is filled with stories to tell! Some heart-warming, some freezing cold, and all of them really special.

For as many times as we’ve photographed weddings and bridal sessions at Burritt, we’ve never shot an engagement session there. When Landen suggested Burritt as the location, we joyfully agreed! We love being up at Burritt every chance we get!

The late November weekend of their session came in cold and rainy. We had four other sessions that weekend rescheduled due to the rain. There was a small chance that the rain would clear up by Saturday afternoon for Cassie and Landen’s session, so we all made the decision to send up some extra prayers and go on as planned!

With all 4 of us praying, I’ll always look back on their session as a direct “yes” answer and an extra gift from God. It rained all day Friday and all day Saturday. It rained as we drove up the mountain with somewhat anxious hearts.

But then, right at our 3pm starting time, the rain turned into a teeny, tiny drizzle. We rejoiced and headed out into the blustery, windy afternoon. The air chilled us (especially sweet Cassie in her beautiful dress), but the damp mountaintop atmosphere felt magical in its own way.

The crazy part? Right as we snapped our last few pictures, the rain started up again. God literally gifted us with the exact amount of time we needed for their session.

Cassie and Landen were absolutely amazing during their session. They braved the windy cold with smiles on their faces, and even had some fun ideas of things they wanted to include in their gallery.

Our fingers were chilled, but our hearts were so warm! We love our couples so much! Their outfits were amazing, they trusted us to find the perfect spots, and these two are truly so sweet and kind. Every slightly anxious about the rain and every joyful moment of success was sweeter because we were with them.

Here’s a little sneak peek into Cassie and Landen’s engagement session at Burritt on the Mountain!



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  1. Virginia Epps says:

    Absolutely beautiful pictures!! The scenery and poses were perfect.

  2. Amanda Houghton says:

    So beautiful!! The location is great and the couple looks amazing!

  3. Marilyn V says:

    Great shots! And cute shoes Cassie! :D

  4. Brittany Autumn Hunter Houser says:

    I am so happy for the 2 of you!!! These pics are beautiful, I love the scenery! I can’t wait til the wedding day! I love you both

  5. Laura Dominguez says:

    Stunning! Great location as well.

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