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Amanda & Michael // Downtown Birmingham Engagement Session


Nov 21, 2019


Downtown Birmingham Engagement Session Portrait

My very favorite part of this past weekend was meeting our sweet couple, Amanda and Michael, in real life! The second best part was photographing the most dreamy engagement session for them!

We headed back down to Birmingham to meet them at Railroad Park for the first part of their session. Railroad Park has already become a favorite Birmingham spot for us, and we couldn’t wait to find a few more nooks and crannies with Amanda and Michael!

After a quick outfit change, we hopped in the car and headed over to this goooorgeous church Amanda told us about. Dreamy with a capital D! The stunning architecture and perfect layering was a phenomenal ending to the fun little spots we found at the park.

For about 10 seconds, the setting sun rested just perfectly on the top of a highrise building behind Amanda and Michael as I was posing them on the church steps. Joel saw it and grabbed some of my favorite pictures from the whole session!

We had the most wonderful sun glow during our entire session! I just loved how airy and beautiful these pictures turned out – and how warm that sunshine was in the November air!

And let me tell you, these two were amazing. Not only in front of the camera (they are adorable!!), but also as a couple! After our initial Zoom meeting with them, I knew right away that Amanda and Michael are our kind of people. We had such a blast spending this time getting to know them better! We seriously have the best couples ever.

Here’s a little sneak peek from Amanda and Michael’s downtown Birmingham engagement session!



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  1. Jessica Nelson says:

    Beautiful photos of a beautiful couple. Love the locations!

  2. Kaitlin Paetzhold says:

    Gorgeous photos! Congratulations to the happy couple!

  3. Joanna says:

    Beautiful couple and beautiful photos! Congrats!

  4. Linda Montgomery says:

    I love these!! The photos are amazing! How could they not be with such a beautiful couple!

  5. Kayci Timmons says:

    Breathtaking photos!! Such a photogenic couple. And you can really see their love for one another in every photo! <3

  6. Michelle Lowrance says:

    Beautiful photos!!!

  7. Donna Wicks says:

    OH WOW!! How in the world will you ever pick one!! These are absolutely beautiful!! And of course they would be because the subject is such a beautiful couple inside and out. Love you two!

  8. Fran Jackson says:

    Absolutely beautiful pictures!!!

  9. Diane Smith says:

    These are truly beautiful pictures!! I know you all will have a hard time selecting your favorite ones!! Joel and Amber did a wonderful job!!

  10. Candice Dunn says:

    Beautiful outdoor pictures in Birmingham! These are flawless.

  11. Rhonda Larson says:

    Beautiful photos of a beautiful couple!

  12. Whitney Blalock says:

    Such a beautiful couple and absolutely amazing pictures!!! Can’t wait to see there wedding

  13. Jeff Taylor says:

    Great pictures! I hope you get them for free!

  14. Sue Taylor says:

    Beautiful pictures of a gorgeous couple, Love these…..can’t wait to celebrate your special day, Love you both!

  15. Emily Harvey says:

    Amazing photos!!

  16. John Duncan says:

    Beautiful photos!

  17. Gayle says:

    Love all of the photos and both of you!

  18. Art says:

    Great Pictures Amanda & Michael! The date will be here soon, but first Beat Auburn!

  19. Daniel says:

    The pics are fantastic!! Awesome backdrop choices, too. You two look great!

  20. Ann Vinzant says:

    Congratulations Michael & Amanda!

  21. Alyssa Carter says:

    These pictures are so pretty! Can’t wait to celebrate you both!!

  22. John says:

    Great pictures!! Can’t wait for the big day!!

  23. Linda says:

    … Stunning Photos …

  24. Terrie Delbridge says:

    Wow! Gorgeous photos of such a joyful occasion. They are simply beautiful and full of love. Wishing you both many blessings in your upcoming marriage!

    Terrie Delbridge

  25. Dana Wilson says:

    Such a beautiful couple- loved the settings! Best Wishes for a blessed and happy wedding!

  26. Sloan says:

    Beautiful couple, beautiful photographs, terrific photographer! Venues were perfect. Sun-draped field photos are so sweet. So many amazing to choose from! Choose a dozen and you can make a gorgeous calendar! ❤

  27. Dee Petcher says:

    Amanda these are beautiful!

  28. Susan Christian says:

    Such a beautiful couple both inside and out!! Love these photos.

  29. Caroline Meyers says:

    Gorgeous photos!! And of the sweetest couple!

  30. Nelda McCoy says:

    Joe and Amber, these pictures are beautiful and I’m sure will be treasured in the years to come! Great job!!!

  31. Lea Clark says:

    Congratulations! Lovely photos!

  32. Candi Johnson says:

    Truly beatifu6 pictures. Congrats !!

  33. Joan Nurre says:

    Wow! You captured such beautiful images of an amazing couple. Beautiful!!!

  34. Christy Martin says:

    Breathtaking gorgeous! I love the settings…perfect for engagement photos…

  35. Christine Shores says:

    Beautiful photos! Truly captures the love you two share. Such an exciting time in your lives! Congrats on your engagement!

  36. Sue Sutphin says:

    Gorgeous pictures! Thanks for sharing❤️

  37. Austin Smith says:

    Beautiful photos Amanda and Michael!!

  38. Kay Oakley says:

    The photographers did a great job capturing you two beautiful, in love youngsters. Please let me know how to order a picture. Blessings

  39. Flake Oakley says:

    Nice looking couple – good job by the photographers. Roll Tide!

  40. Kim Burge says:

    Breathtaking photos….Beautiful couple!

  41. Patti Echols says:

    Beautiful photos of a beautiful couple!

  42. Barber Clark says:

    Amazing pictures of a special time to be remembered for a lifetime. Doesn’t hurt that they are a beautiful couple!

  43. Cynthia Martin says:

    I love all the pictures. A very photogenic couple
    Michael and Amanda picked great photo settings. I love this couple.

    Aunt Cynthia

  44. John Porter, III says:

    Great Pictures

    John Porter, III

  45. Stephanie says:

    Great looking couple and beautiful pictures.

  46. Kim Black says:

    What a beautiful couple – Roll Tide

  47. Hillary Wicks says:

    Love these pictures!! Can’t wait for the special day!

  48. Joann Bee says:

    Beautiful photos – Congratulations!

  49. Jamie Chance says:

    Oh my! Stunning pictures of a beautiful couple! So happy for them!

  50. Great photos of Michael and Amanda . The scenes bring out the beautiful union of this young couple. Great job on choosing these locations.

  51. Kendall Oakley says:

    Lovely pictures and couple! Can’t wait to add Amanda to our Oakley family!

  52. Kasey oakley says:

    Beautiful pictures of a beautiful couple !

  53. Alison says:


  54. Stacey Yeend says:

    Wishing the couple all the best!

  55. A Proud Momma says:

    I just looked at the pictures again. My son is so handsome and his Bride-to-Be is beautiful. They love Christ, each other and Bama – certainly a strong foundation to live life together and forever.

  56. Sharon Green says:

    Beautiful pictures of a beautiful couple.

  57. Beth Simonis says:

    Such a beautiful bride! A handsome groom! Some of the best engagement photos I have seen! Wishing you two the best!!!!

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