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Feb 26, 2019

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Do we take forgiveness for granted?

Think back to the the last time you wronged your spouse. Maybe you spoke harshly, twisted the truth, or made a selfish decision. How did you resolve the issue?

Did you admit your wrong and ask for forgiveness? Or did it just blow over and settle back to normal?

In our own marriage, we often let things blow over. Sometimes it’s tempting to just ignore the irritated words or unkind action. Resolution seems to be the goal, so why rock the boat if things seem to have settled down?

I want to challenge you to think about the power of asking for forgiveness.

The times when we ask for each other’s forgiveness mean a lot. It’s humbling to actually say the words “I was wrong. I shouldn’t have said that, and I’m sorry. Will you forgive me?” Saying you’re sorry sometimes isn’t so hard. We’ve been trained since children to say “I’m sorry”, and it’s a phrase that is sometimes tossed out without much emotion.

Asking, “will you forgive me” is on a totally different level than a tossed out “I’m sorry”. It’s acknowledging that you’re in the wrong and in need of forgiveness.

Boy, is it humbling. And powerful.

It will make more of an impact on your relationship than you might expect. Hearts are softened and bonds are strengthened. And if you’re like me, you might think twice about being mean if you know you’ll have to say those humbling words afterward.

This week I challenge you to ask for forgiveness the next time you do wrong to your spouse. Whether it’s as small as a irritable criticism or as big as deception, make it a habit to build that foundation of intentional forgiveness with each other.

Here’s to building strong marriages!



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