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Lizzie & Adam // Eucalyptus and Lavender Bluff Wedding


Jun 24, 2021

Summer Rain Eucalyptus and Lavender Wedding at Infinity Event Venue // Wedding Photographers in Huntsville, Alabama

Lizzie and Adam are married!! They chose Infinity Event Venue for their wedding day, and what a great choice that was! Even in the rain, the bluff views are absolutely stunning. We also highly appreciated the porches, overhangs, and pavilion walls! The eucalyptus and lavender theme perfectly complimented the chateau style architecture and sweeping views from the bluff.

We always enjoy our time with Lizzie and Adam so much! From their fun downtown Huntsville engagement session last fall to these amazing wedding day moments, they are such a joy to be around! They make us smile and rock the camera with their joyful smiles and easy-going personalities!

Tropical Storm Claudette wasn’t on the guest list, but she arrived in Alabama a day early to join the party. It put a little damper on any outdoor portraits, but there was some amazing wind that brought its own level of energy to the day! And rain or not, Lizzie and Adam took it in stride and handled it with grace and patience! They spent their wedding day with the people they loved most, and no storm can take away that precious joy. One of the silver linings of uncontrollable aspects not going according to our wishes is that the most important things shine even more brightly! Lizzie shared some incredibly sweet getting ready moments with her mom and sisters. And those father and grandfather first looks! Absolutely precious and so meaningful.

Some of My Favorite Wedding Day Details

Lizzie and Adam incorporated some incredible family heirlooms into their day! Lizzie carried a Bible and set of rosaries that have been carried by brides in her family for over 100 years. She also wore her grandmother’s veil, and her grandmother was the one who slipped it on the crown of Lizzie’s head as a finishing touch. What a special, special moment! Every single one of us in the room had tears. Adam wore a piece of his mother’s wedding dress that was handcrafted into a pocket square. What a beautiful tribute to his mother!

The bluff pictures!! I’m including this as a favorite detail because I’m just so incredibly thankful for that tiny little break in the rain that God gave us as a gift! Joel was watching our wedding day weather app for a break, and he saw a little hole in the radar. Lizzie and Adam were absolute sports and dashed across the lawn to the bluff. We captured some stunning bluff pictures that showcased Lizzie’s heirloom veil in those two gifted minutes! As the raindrops got larger and we dashed back for cover, we had the biggest smiles on our faces.

Adam’s ring is made of meteorite, which I feel deserves a paragraph of its own.

Every wedding day is filled with special, unique moments, and Lizzie and Adam’s celebration definitely brought that! They incorporated a lot of little touches that felt so “them” – like Lizzie’s delicate jewelry set and the groom’s cake crafted by Lizzie’s mom!

Here’s a little sneak peek into Lizzie & Adam’s wedding day at Infinity Event Venue!

Lizzie & Adam – thank you so much for giving us the opportunity to capture your wedding day! Rain or not, your love definitely shines through any little storm. What a joy to capture the sweet family moments and the day you promise each other forever! Hugs to you both!


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A shout out to these vendors!

Venue: Infinity Event Venue
Wedding Coordinator: Cheyenne Holbrook
Photography: Joel and Amber Photography
Hair Stylist: Artistry Salon
Makeup Artist: Friend of the bride
Bridal Gown: Birch on Main
Bridesmaid Dresses: Birdy Grey
Groom’s Attire: The Black Tux
Paper Suite: Paper Culture
Catering: Ole Hickory BBQ
Cake Artist: Mason Dixon Bakery and Bistro
Groom’s Cake: Mother of the Bride
DJ: Your Perfect Party

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    Absolute perfection!!!

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    Absolutely beautiful!!

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    The pictures look amazing! Such a fun weekend

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    Absolutely beautiful pictures. The choice of views and angles is timeless in presentation. Thank you for making this beautiful wedding so memorable through your pictures.

  5. Judy Armstrong says:

    These pictures are absolutely beautiful and amazing! Our granddaughter Lizzie is Beautiful but this day was so Wonderful and full of memories! I am truly Blessed to see such beautiful pictures!
    Thank You
    Judy Armstrong grandma of Lizzie

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    These photos are just beautiful- each one captures the day and evening perfectly! So happy for the newlyweds!!

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