Moriah & Jose // Classy Fall Annabella at Cedar Glen Wedding


Oct 11, 2018

Fall Wedding at Annabella // Wedding Photographers Huntsville Alabama

A Summer Kind of Fall Wedding Day

Who would ever expect a 90 degree wedding day in October? Living in the south is so unpredictable. Their fall wedding may have felt more like a humid August day, but Moriah and Jose took it like champs! With smiles on their faces and their sweet willingness to nuzzle in close despite the heat, every moment was still filled with joy.

We just love these two.

It’s hard to believe that it’s already been an entire year since we met Moriah and Jose at the Huntsville Botanical Garden for their engagement session. {You can take a peek at it here!} After rescheduling once for rain already, it was threatening to sprinkles again! Thankfully, the rain held off until we were literally walking to our cars after the session. Perfect timing!

We’ve enjoyed every moment with them since! Throughout the entire photography prep process, they’ve been so easy going and fun to work with. We love seeing how they interact together! They both just completely light up. One of our favorite memories from their engagement session was watching Moriah’s face break out in the most adorable nose-scrunching smile when Jose made her laugh. So sweet!!

A Few of Our Favorite Things

I loooved her shoe selection! A pair of adorable flats with perfect little bows on the toes. Comfortable, elegant, and classy. The heirloom touch of Moriah’s grandmother’s emerald ring tied to her bouquet made for an extra special memory.

The pops of color Moriah included in her color palette made our color-loving hearts so happy! Tones of joyful red mixed perfectly with delicate pink blushes, eucalyptus, and dreamy mint greens. The beautiful antebellum flair of Annabella set off the elegance of their celebration.

Moriah’s parents surprised them with a super cool wedding gift just before the ceremony. It was a privilege to be able to capture that moment with Moriah, Jose, and her parents. What a sweet moment for the 4 of them together! I won’t ruin the surprise for you just yet, but I’ll make sure there’s a picture of it included in the blog post!

The Dream Team

As Moriah and her girls spent their morning becoming even more beautiful (if that’s even possible!) with the team at Gray salon, we slipped in to photograph Moriah’s stunning Casa Blanca dress from Madison Town & Country bridal shop. The lace back and shoulders were so perfect!! Moriah looked like an absolute dream.

The Tailored Tulip put a gorgeous bouquet in Moriah’s hands, and it was icing on the cake. What a dream! The centerpieces, ceremony displays, and little design touches around the grounds (like flowers in the lamp posts!) added perfect little pops of decor everywhere we wandered.

After the ceremony with Pastor Kevin Moore, the guests were treated to a delicious selection of pastas and salads created by Belle Fleur. After feasting on Belle Fleur’s cake design, the guests all moved outside to the gazebo where DJ Teddy got the party started!

Enjoy a little peek into Moriah & Jose’s Annabella wedding day!

Here is the gift I was talking about! Such a neat bar set, and what a fun way of giving it to them!

We twirled with the little girls, and they thought it was just magical! So sweet!

Jose shared a special dance with his sister!

Partway through the reception, the kids pulled Jose away for a “surprise”. They took leftover rose petals from the ceremony aisle and made a perfect “LOVE” display. What a special memory!

It’s so fun watching the traditions of different cultures come together, especially at the reception!

Moriah & Jose – thank you so much for letting us take this journey with you! We’ve loved having you guys in the family. Thank you for always being so sweet and thoughtful! We wish you so many joyful years of building your marriage together! Hugs to you both!!



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A shout out to this amazing vendor team!

Venue: Annabella at Cedar Glen

Dress Boutique: Madison Town and Country Bridal

Dress Designer: Casa Blanca

Hair and Makeup Artist: Gray Salon

Tuxes: Men’s Warehouse

Florals: The Tailored Tulip

Officiant: Pastor Kevin Moore

Catering: Belle Fleur

Cake Artist: Belle Fleur

DJ: DJ Teddy

  1. Karolina says:

    Hello, could you tell me where did you but those pretty flats?

    • Joel and Amber says:

      I wish I could help, but I’m not sure where she got her shoes!

    • Hannah Miller says:

      Hello Karolina!
      Not sure if you’ll receive this, but maybe this will help someone else…after seeing the small detail of the brandname on the inside of the shoe from one of the photos above I was able to do some digging, and I believe I have found them! Or at least an equivalent.
      As of today (3/26/2021), the company Kaileep has this kind of shoe and similar shoes for about $72.
      Here’s a link for those who would like to or are thinking of purchasing for themselves:
      Hope this is helpful! I literally had the exact same question and had to find answers, and once I figured it out I…uh…justkindamaybesorta might’ve screamed.
      So uh, yeah, you’re welcome, I guess?
      Research skills to the rescue!

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